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    Name: Capture the land

    What it does: I thought it would be cool to have a square based land-claiming grand scale war game.
    The game:
    The players will choose between X teams(configurable), colors configurable out of the 15 team colors. (white is neutral) Auto balance when game begins. When the game starts their name tag will be changed to the color of the team and display their health in a "health/maxhealth" format on the right side of their name(I know other plugins can do this but i'm afraid changing the color of the name will interfere with those plugins). They will choose between classes setup by the admin before hand where they are limited to only use certain weapons and armor (not allow certain armor in armor slot/ item in HUD). Each class can run a command on game start and on respawn. The players will then be teleported to each team's HQ location. On death players will re-spawn at HQ with the items given to them at start and have the ability to choose where to respawn at if they have captured a major landmark. Their job as a team is to claim as much land as possible and as an individual, to do as much damage as possible. Teams can "Claim" land by the following methods.​
    - Have more than 5 players for 10 seconds without other team members present.​
    - If the land is a major land, have at least 50% of the team die in that land. For example, for a team of 100, have at least 50 kills just on that land. Major land explained further down.​
    The game will end in X amount of minutes or when all teams have been eliminated, and the team with the most land will be announced winner. Teams can be eliminated if their HQ is taken over through the same method as major lands, but this cannot be done unless the team owns less than X land. The amount of kills and amount of land claims will be recorded on a mySQL database and will announce 1st place in the end of the game, and delete all but the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd kill amounts.​
    The land system:
    There are 3 lands, HQ, normal, and major. These can be claimed individually using commands, or using worldedit to select a wide land. Normal is a 16 by 16 (the chunk that you are in or have selected using worldedit). Major is a 2 by 2 chunk around you, and HQ is 3 by 3. the major land can be named for references such as "The Lumbermill" while normal land is just territory. This will be announced whenever you enter the land as a customizable message such as "You have entered '%landname' owned by '%teamname'. Territory counts as 1 point and major counts is 10 points. When land is counted in the end the team with the greatest point in the end will be announced the winner.​
    When a player spawns back in the HQ, the player will be given the choice of HQ, and a list of major lands. This will be done by giving the player upto 9 items on respawn. They will be named HQ or named after the other major land owned by them. Left clicking it will teleport the player to that location. If there are more than 9 land owned by the team, 8 random major land will be chosen and given to the player and HQ will always be on the first slot of the HUD​
    Admins can create in the config names for classes and what armor and what tools the class can carry. Also run a command as an OP to give player items through other kits whenever players respawn. These can be set per teams (green has creeper class, brown has cow class, or grey has sheep and skeleton, etc)

    Something for fun(not necessary if you don't want to):
    1. Give the ability for teams to suggest and vote on their team names the first minute of the game
    2. Have party system where the players in the party won't be separated with auto balancing or team choosing.

    Please let me know what you think. Thank you for reading.
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