Can't whitelist or op players. Bukkit 1.7.9

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jorgen779, Jul 5, 2014.

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    I downloaded bukkit server 1.7.9 and i can't whitelist or op players.When i open the whitelist or op .txt file i see this []

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    Thats because there in the op.json and whitelist.json file.
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    You could also try whitelisting players in-game:

    /Whitelist add <player>

    /OP <player>
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    Well, when you first bring up a new 1.7.9 server from scratch, you will connect like a normal user. But on the console, type "op jorgen179" to give yourself OP status.

    You can then issue whatever commands you want in-game such as /whitelist or /op

    But I'd recommend immediately installing a permission plugin and configure your permissions appropriately and not use OP (and don't use the "*" permission node either)

    I'm working on a permission tutorial that will hopefully make it easier for new owners to get the hang of setting up permissions.

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