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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by lukegbtest, Dec 2, 2014.

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    See screenshots:

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    Thats interesting. We went ahead and tested your permissions in a straight copy to a clean version of xenforo. And they work fine. This version however has custom hacks all over the place that are far from standard and are not approved xenforo extensions. While those hacks may have been useful, they seem to conflict regularly with xenforo.

    There is literally nothing we can do on our end to fix this since something buried somewhere in the custom code you wrote for the forums is conflicting with the standard xenforo installation.

    Based on our testing it appears that this conflict did not occur while you were an admin because admin permissions override the others. However once admin was removed the conflicts started occurring as xenforo and the custom hacks fight over which one controls the permissions. (So far as I can tell anyway)
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    Hmm, that's amusing.

    It's interesting that I've never had this problem before, particularly since it's not like anything in particular is tied to my user account and I used to flip admin on and off my account all the time (but that was before we transitioned over to Curse's infrastructure so I have no idea what changes you guys made on top of mine).

    For what it's worth, the only core hack that was left was, I believe, the one in library/XenForo/Link.php which should be fairly obvious. There was a bunch of hilarity going on in library/config.php too, but that was mostly because I'm lazy.

    The rest are all just funky xenForo addons, most of which serve no useful purpose any more.
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    Your permissions are fine. We haven't edited anything.

    We are updating the forums next week. Hopefully that resolves this issue.
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    What's the question?
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    Jadedcat I'm not an expert with xenForo, but aren't you looking at User Essentials instead of User Permissions?
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    User Permissions says the same thing. His permissions are normal. All the nodes have been checked too. I'd have to post like 20 images to cover all the spots that have been checked.
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  10. Hey, could be a lot worse - you could have to post the supposed equivalent in words, namely 20,000 of them :p

    Is there an ETA for when next week upgrading will start & end? Hopefully it'll fix a few issue, not least of all poor old lukegb's issue :)
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    I thought that was self-explanatory. We are updating xenforo next week.
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    Oh, I wasn't asking a question. Just showing my amazed, enthusiastic readiness :D
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    Ah. I wasn't sure. :p
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    I'm excited for the forums update, at any rate. Thanks for all your help, Jadedcat.
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    Yay! What's gonna be different?
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    @jadecat is it gonna wipe the enitre posts including our posts, PM's n' stuff like that?
  19. awesone_ness Mister_Fix This isn't the thread to discuss this.

    1) It will fix numerous issues and should make the forums better, and probably faster.

    2) No, the forum will either go down while it updates and have all the data that it did beore it went down/offline. But it may also only have the data from about an hour or possibly a day ago.
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    Jadedcat A thread seems appropriate to give us more detail on the upcoming changes.
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    Details: We are updating to the newest xenforo. Admins/mods will have new tools. Users will have better performance.
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