Can't identify the culprit (Gowstone,Web,Bookshelf drops)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Zombiemold, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Got a question for anyone that might know.

    Bookshelves, Glowstone, Webs and possibly more, are dropping as whole blocks. I don't use a plugin that does that specifically, and I can't figure out which is doing it

    (Plugin list:

    Anyone dealt with a plugin that does this? I understand I could go through trial an error, and load up plugins in small groups to identify the culprit but, I wanted to stop in and see if anyone knows what it is right away.
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    Worldedit superpickaxe is the first one that comes into mind, try typing // while ingame.
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    Definitely not that. It is effecting everyone.

    (I gave it a try anyway, didn't seem to change anything)
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    maybe that ? but if no what i can suggest you is to check half by half of all your plugins

    for example lets say you have 100 plugins

    take out of plugin folder all plugins from 1 to 50 so plugin from 51 to 100 stays in folder

    now check with which half (above or below 50) will that thing happen again and that divide that half to another half and check again
    cause i dont see any other easy way for finding it
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