Can't go to "The End"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by prizna, Dec 11, 2011.

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    We are currently running a server on the most recent bukkit dev build.
    For some reason when anyone on the server enters an "End Portal" instead of generating and then teleporting them to "The End" it instead teleports them to a different location of the map (usually in water)

    We are running Multiverse and have no problem with other worlds.

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    I also have this problem, but it will not teleport at all.
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    Open the bukkit.yml file and check if the_end is enabled? =)

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    My end portals are not working at all, tried with different of multiverse. I can activate the portals, but nothing happens when I go through them (no errors). All the other multiverse portals are working fine, and i can teleport to the end with a command. allow-end is true in bukkit.yml
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    1) List your Plugins
    2) Check your bukkit.yml file and see if "The End" is enabled.
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    The end is enabled in the bukkit.yml, I have now noticed that if i go thru an End Portal it takes me to the Nether instead of the end, my pluggins are:

    1. MCBans
    2. WorldEdit
    3. WorldGuard
    4. HeroSneak
    5. PluginReloader
    6. MultiInv
    7. BukkitCompat
    8. LogBlock
    9. MCDocs
    10. Multiverse-Core
    11. Multiverse-Nether
    12. Multiverse-Portals
    13. Parties
    14. CraftIRC
    15. PermissionsEX
    16. Stargate
    17. LWC
    18. WorldBoarder
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    Have you imported world_the_end into multiverse?

    /mvimport world_the_end
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    I have just taken a look and found out I had an out of date multiverse nether portals, I updated and that half fixed my problem, End Portals now take me to The End but they don't take me to The Ends spawn point. If I do /mv tp (End World Name) I arrive at the ender dragon area but if I go through The End portal it takes me to The End but to a different area of The End (just standing on a lone platform with nothing arround)
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    @prizna exactly. You're seeing vanilla minecraft behavior. MVTP takes you to the world spawn, as it should, using a vanilla end portal takes you to an obsidian platform around the island, so you can quest/fight/die your way to the dragon.

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    sorry to bump an old topic.
    But i am having this issue.
    If i remove Multiverse-NetherPortals it fixes, but then of course the nether portals don't work.

    As for me, the cords at the strong hold are like 1100 50 and -200
    When i go into the end i am on a platform at those cords as well.

    So Multiverse-NetherPortalss are causing the problem....

    My current fix it to use world-portals to create a switch by the legit end portal which puts you on a platform that i created in creative in a random location near floating island.
    Not 1200 blocks away...
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