Can't get rid of [L] preifx

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by freddyh, Mar 16, 2014.

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  1. I understand that EssentialsChat adds [l] to the front of every chat message. And I don't want this. I couldn't find out how to remove it, so I removed it, and it's still there. Then I removed all of essentials, and it's still there! What is causing it, and why have I never had this before?
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    I don't believe it's essentials... I believe it's herochat, or is there another chat plugin you mistakenly installed?
  3. Go Into Essentials Config File, Scroll down 'till you see the essentials chat bit, disable all "Things" that say {WORLD}
  4. 97waterpolo
    No herochat, but necrodoom has said about five times that it's essentials. My essentials config file had nothing similar to the format that was being used. I have the plugins:
    • Announcer
    • Blockhunt
    • Chestshop
    • Cleanroom Generator
    • Command Helper
    • CraftBook
    • Kill All Mobs
    • Lib's Disguises
    • LWC
    • Multiverse
    • Protocollib
    • RandomLocationTeleporter
    • Simplebackup
    • Skywars
    • Survivalgames
    • Vault
    • WorldBorder
    • WorldEdit
    • Worldguard
    I can't see any reason why any of those would affect the chat.
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  6. Necrodoom But essentials is now entirely removed and it still happens.
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    Disable plugins one by one till no [L].
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  8. Necrodoom
    It seems to be caused by vault, as disabling it gets rid of the prefix. However I can't see a way to disable this, and we do need vault.
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    Multi verse has a world prefix, but I doubt that's the problem. If no other chat plugin is installed, just try redowbloading vault and the essentials pack and see if it works.
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    DO NOT uninstall any plugin just go in your essentials config and set the local chat radius to 0.
  11. Zahach
    Done that, still comes up.
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    ------------------------------------------- IMPORTIAN -------------------------------------------------------I had the same problem! But... its fixed now!
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Go to the Essentials.config file, Then find this: (You find this under the enabledSigns thing)

    1. # Set the locale for all messages.
    2. # If you don't set this, the default locale of the server will be used.
    3. # For example, to set language to English, set locale to en, to use the file "".
    4. # Don't forget to remove the # in front of the line.
    5. # For more information, visit [url][/url]
    6. #locale: en

    Remove the # and then you have actived the!

    Then CLICK ON ME and download the file
    When you downloaded it, restart your server and then you can change all messages!

    Or you can only remove the # thing and make your own messages
    When you did that, add this message only:

    1. chatTypeAdmin=[A]
    2. chatTypeLocal=[L]
    3. chatTypeSpy=[Spy]

    chatTypeLocal: The Locale message
    chatTypeSpy: When you have the radius over 0 will you get the [Spy] message if you are over the radius limit (Only if you are OP or have the permission

    Radius: 120 = If you are over that radius and are OP or have the permission will you get that message

    Summary:Just remove the # from #Locale: en the restart your server. add


    and change the [L] to nothing!

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    It wouldn't have been caused by Vault, but a plugin that uses Vault. Vault provides ways for plugins to access chat related things.
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    Well, a plugin may depend on Vault, so the removal of vault will cause a plugin that depends on it to stop functioning, so it's not necessarily vault.

    It must be a plugin that uses vault as a dependency.
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    Erik Malm

    This is also on my server. The prefix that you wish to remove comes from the plugin, "SkyWars", and I am still working on removing it. I will try to post some information on how to remove it, but until then, you can contact me on my server, running version 1.7.5

  17. Hmmm, I do have skywars. I'll try disabling it!

    EDIT: Yep, that was it, please do let me know if you solve the issue!
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    Sky wars plugin is what causes the [L] (#)!
    How to remove!!
    go to your plugins, SkyWars folder, then open Messages.yml.Look under the 'chat:'
    section, where it says: local: '&e[L] {score} {prefix}&8{player} &e&l> &r&7{message}'
    and where it says this: global: '&c[G] {score} {prefix}&8{player} &c&l> &r&7{message}'
    What you want to do is delete the [L] and the [G] and the {score} in both local and global!

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