Can't find crates plugin.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by andgk, Dec 5, 2014.

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    Hey guys need plugin like on this picture,some where placed chest, and if u have key, you can came and open chest with that key and get some random loot :) here is pic

    sorry spelled title word wrong ._.

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  2. @andgk quite often these plugins are custom but to my knowledge they're one or two about, look on the bukkit plugins.
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    Looks like MysteryCrates. I saw particles on top so I assume it is. Reply if im right.
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    I tried looking for this plugin, but its hard to come across. I did come across one but it was outdated, I think it stopped being updated at 1.2 it said?

    The best option is to get someone to code it for you (which will probably mean you having to pay money) or learning to code plugins yourself. It seems like you have a lot on you're hands already being you're running a server- so I suggest trying to find someone to do it for you?

    You're last resort could be searching Google and bukkit for hours and hours trying to stumble across the plugin.
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    Larry Newman

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