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    I have created a minecraft server and I am not using VPN - so I have sorted out port forwarding on my Netgear router (TCP/UDP), dyndns and ensured the firewall is open for the relevant ports.

    After creating the server on one PC on my network, I cannot access it from another PC on the network. I have tried my external IP address, the internal IP address of the PC running the server and the URL I registered with dyndns. I get "Can't connect to server" (if I use an IP address) and "Can't resolve server name" (if I use the URL).

    From my second PC, I can ping all these (the external IP address, internal IP address and URL). Here's the fascinating bit: when I have minecraft_server running and try testing the port (25565) from or, it fails. But...

    When I run (an app you download to test ports), then or say 25565 is open. Which means that the simple-port-tester is listening on 25565 but minecraft_server appears not to be.

    The server-port in is set to 25565, and the server dialogue shows it is "Starting Minecrafter server on *:25565".

    Can anyone help?

    Solved it!!!

    I had to set an additional exception in the Windows firewall: javew.exe. I had java.exe in there, but not javaw.exe.

    Hurray. I hope this helps somebody.

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  2. You've forwarded 25565 to the IP associated with the server computer? You don't mention that you went through the process of port forwarding. (I've seen posts saying you have to, some say you do not. I don't know if you do not have to, but I know if you do then there's not a problem)

    Have you set a Static IP for the server?

    Have you Googled What is my external IP to ensure you have the right one?

    With the server running, try - won't show open port if server is not running.

    Is your setup like this: Modem > Router > Server ? Anything in between there?
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    I can't see how to. Sorry for my ignorance.
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