Problem/Bug Can't break any blocks outside of worldguard region

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Edarrm, Dec 5, 2020.

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    For some reason I can't break any blocks even if they are not inside the worldguard region. I have several worlds I can't break blocks in any of them when I'm not opped obviously. If anyone knows how to fix this I would really appriciate it because I'm trying to solve it for a long time now.
    I tried posting on spigot forums but no one helped =/

    These are the plugins I am currently using (It is a hub spigot server using skript preworldplugins perworldtablist e tc. not bungee) Plugins (67): Bedwars, NoHunger, PlaceholderAPI, VoidWorld, GroupManager, PerWorldPlugins, PlugMan, WorldCommands, NametagEdit, SkinsRestorer, PerWorldTab, CrateKey, ViaVersion, Tablist, FastPot, WorldEdit, Skript, SkQuery, FactionPrefix, Votifier, ProtocolLib, NightVision, KitBattle, PerWorldTabList, DeluxeMenus, PermissionsEx, FeatherBoard, CustomCrates, Vault, GAListener, xInventories, EZBlocks, MassiveCore, UltraCosmetics, SimpleRename, BuildBattle, PlotSquared, HideAndCustomPlugins, WorldGuard, ASkyBlock, ChestCommands, EZPrestige, EZRanksPro, ShopGUIPlus, Essentials, LiteBans, Multiverse-Core, Citizens, EssentialsChat, ItemJoin, ProtectionStones, HolographicDisplays, Factions, skRayFall, CommandNPC, EssentialsSpawn, TitleManager, PrisonMines, ServerlistMOTD, AutoSell, StrikePractice, Skellett, StrikeLeaderboards, Skywars, FactionChat, TuSKe, InventoryFull
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Protocol hacks are not supported by Bukkit (ViaVersion)
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