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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jeron_, May 15, 2022.

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    Okay. I am having an issue with connecting to my own server.

    I have no error reports.

    I am not using any Mods, or plugins of any kind.

    I am running Windows 10 home.

    I have an Asus Rog M16 with an Intel Core i9-11900H
    My GPU is a Nvidia RTX 3060 (Laptop)

    I have 16GB of RAM.

    My Minecraft is version 1.18.2

    My Java is

    Every time I start it up, and open my Minecraft Client, it says that it can't connect to server.

    I have Port Forwarded my router with port 25565 on both UDP, and TCP.
    I have also restarted my router, and my computer after I added these settings to my router.

    My server boots up just fine, and I have no error messages:

    I have tried both the Bukkit Server, and the Server files. Both give me the same issue.
    I have looked up many different tutorials on Youtube about this, and none of them have solved my problem. I have requested help from a few of these people who created the tutorials as well. I still have no solution.

    I have opened up my file, and set my servers IP to "localhost" and this did not work. I have left this field blank as well. This did not change anything either. As you can see above, I have also set it to my IPv4 address. This does not seem to produce any positive results either.

    I have added both UDP, and TCP port exceptions for Outgoing, and Incoming in my firewall.
    I also tested turning off my firewall completely.
    I have searched on Google many variations of: Cannot connect to bukkit server; Cant connect to my own minecraft server; bukkit server not connecting.

    I have used the tool to check if the 25565 port is open, and it gives me this error:
    "I could not see your service on ------------ on port (25565)"
    Also, If it matters, I have an asus RT-AX56U router.

    So somehow, after all of this, the port is still not open.

    I have tried asking two of my friends who own their own Minecraft servers.
    Neither of them were able to help me with this.

    Basically, what my question is:

    How can I open the port 25565?
    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me something that I missed that could rectify this issue.

    If no one does know a solution to this, then does anyone possibly have an idea that might lead to a solution? Or where/who might I ask to get this problem solved?
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    did you connect to localhost?
    if yes did you buy minecraft?
    if you did buy minecraft can you send us a log of your minecraft client and server of you trying to connect to the server
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    @DopeBrot Please also check the last time somebody was online.
    And NEVER suggest offline mode as it is against the rules here.
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