Cannot fly as of bukkit version 1000 (although allow flight =true)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kyler45, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Okay so as soon as I upgraded to bukkit version 1000, flying does not work on my server, I mean the zombe mod flying, by the way.

    Flight is set to true in

    but when even the admin attempts to fly, it just warps him back to the ground.
    I have no anti-cheat stuff installed
    running off bukkit version 1000

    Anyone got anything about this? It was fine until I update to version 1000, and my zombe flight is updated
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    The server/minecraft/bukkit will KICK you if allowflight is false, there is nothing to my knowledge in the default craftbukkit server that will warp you back to the ground. Could you post your plugins?
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    my plugins are:

    iConomy Chest Shops
    LWC Chest protection
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    Being warped back to the ground is a feature of the NoCheat plugin. To give yourself access to flight there, add the following to your permissions group:
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    I don't have the nocheat plugin, i said I do not have any anti-cheat plugins in the main topic
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    None of the other plugins you listed have anything to do with movement speed or direction.

    When the characters get warped to the ground, check your server console. An error message should be printed there. Post it to this thread.
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    There is not an error in the console.
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    If somebody finds out what is causing this, I'd like to know too. People tend to come to my thread asking me how to stop that behaviour (despite not using NoCheat at all), and I have no idea how to help them.

    The only thing in common for all people that have this problem is that they use zombe's to fly, so I'd guess the problem lies with the mod, not the server. A good way to check that would be to go to another server that allows flying and that people have been able to fly on, and see if zombe's works there.
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    Check Essentials, while it already has 1,000,000,000,000 bugs, you might have found another one.
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    Towny is what is causing the problem Towny restricts movements because it is trying to stop outsiders do bad things in your towns and basicly it thinks your whole world is a town so towny is what causes the problem.
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    How can I fix the towny issue?
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    To fix the Towny issue, add the permission towny.cheat.bypass to the groups you wish to allow to fly.

    Also, very special thanks to TacoID for pointing out that Towny is the issue. I've had this problem on my server for at least a week now and was at wit's end as to how to solve it.
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    I have learned with towny to read the config very close as things get added all the time and you can miss them.
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