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    For people who have trouble with bukkit permissions, which I will admit, I am, may use this because as everyone knows canary sucked, but the permission setup was awesome and work amazingly well. As we all know it's not updated.

    What I need:
    -Basically the canary setup with the whole canary groups thing, the easy stuff that doesn't take hours to setup.

    What would be nice:
    -Having it just like canary, your know the helping notes, that would be nice.

    Please do this idea I know it would be great. It's too bad I don't have much more to add. Please understand that I have no pictures.
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    Hey, I don't think someone is gonna code you a permissions plugin.

    it would probably be better to Get a new one, Group Manager is Easy to use. Message me if you need any help setting it up :)
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    can you describe the way canary permissions work?
    even if a new permission plugin wont be made, existing permission plugins may resemble what you need.
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    well it's basicly like this



    • vip:a::default
    • Creates a group named "vip".
    • Sets their prefix colour to bright green.
    • Doesn't provide any specific access to /commands.
    • Makes them inherit permissions from the "default" group.
    All you have todo is right the command and the person gets permission for it.

    And another good thing is you can do this

    Now it will have the color and the title [Vip]

    This is in the groups.txt file

    I'm starting to wonder if this is even possible because Bukkit uses nodes, well please say something if it is possible.

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    not going to work well, because in bukkit, several plugins can have the same command name, also commands can have aliases. also plugins provide permissions for stuff other than just commands. doing all these without line breaks will look really messy. although i see where you are going at, it should be able to compress most of the group except permissions into 3 lines or so.

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