Can we actually receive rewards points yet?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by fetusdip, Jul 20, 2012.

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    It's impossible to tell whether my plugin just isn't popular enough since there's no defined "thresh hold" or whether the rewards points system isn't up yet. If the rewards system is up, could someone give me an estimate of the "thresh hold" in whatever units (downloads?) curse defines it in.
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    There are no Curse rewards at this time.
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    I know I get Curse Premium, but that has nothing to do with Reward points. I thought that had to do with 1000 downloads.
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    Deleted user

    1000 downloads from your plugin: 1 month of Curse Premium. 1 Curse Premium per plugin only.
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    A more important question is: do rewards points mean anything yet? ; )
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    The answer is still no - there are no Curse rewards at this time.
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    This page( has this on it:
    How are points calculated?

    Points are calculated magically. Actually, it's based off of popularity of the addon via installs with the Curse Client v4.
    Considering no one to my knowledge uses the curse client to install bukkit plugins(is that even possible to do?), I don't think anyone will be getting rewards points any time soon.
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    Looks like Curse finds it more important to add an ugly bar on top of whole of Bukkit than adding rewards for hard-working plugin developers.
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    BTW why are they hosting bukkit forums ?
    Curse is blocked by the network where I'm working T_T
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    Because Bukkit is a free, open-source project with little income and they couldn't find anyone else to host the forums except Curse (and Curse loves to slap their logo on everything even semi-related to it).
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    So does 10 plugins over 1000 give 10 months? What if 1 plugin has 10,000?
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    Still 1 month.
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    Other than the client, what does it do for you?? ._.
    I just found out I had it(didn't get an email) but I'm still puzzled by what it's for. And ? None of my plugins have over 1k dls. Multiple together do but I thought it was or plugin:p
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    If you have Curse premium, your answer can be found here:

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    :confused: now there's a link at the top to become premium, I think they want our money
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    Ive had premium for 4 months, 2 days till it runs out, nothing good about their 200Kb/s DL servers.
  20. Over 5,000 downloads and still have not got premium...
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