Can someone share me their bpermissions?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by joshgriff5, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I just started a server and Im not sure what my permissions should look like. Can someone share me their groups and permissions please? I use essentials, iconomy and lockette. I can add those if you dont have them though. Thanks!
  2. i dont recommend that you use bpermissions, or infact anyother permissions plugin.besides, you cant really use other peoples permissions folders as they are set depending on their server content. just use the defautl config to work from.

    simply use essentials groupmanager, and groupbridge, this is more than sufficient and easy to use, in game!

    start your server to get the default config,then close it

    goto folder...
    open the groups.yml in wordpad or notepad++ and edit the groupnames to what you want.

    Op yourself, join your server.

    type /manuadd joshgriff5 admin (if you want all permissions)
    type /manuadd joshgriff5 YOURPUBLICGROUPNAME (if you want selected permissions)

    to add a permission to public users for example...

    /mangaddp groupname permission.node
    you can learn the manu command well, by breaking it down...

    /mang(add/del)p - add remove a perm from a group
    /manu(add/del)p - add a perm to a player (user) only, and not a group.
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    groupmanager IS a permissions plugin, also bPermissions is much easier than groupmanager.
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