Question Can someone help me find a basic Parkour Checkpoint Plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tomd15, Feb 18, 2015.

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    Hey everyone!
    So quickly before anyone jumps to conclusions i'd really like a parkour checkpoint plugin or a way to do what i need to do in the Parkour part of my server. I already have 6 made parkers that are all linked up by pressure plates that award money when completing a certain parkour. I also have a way to tp to each one (more plates). What i require is a simple plugin that when you fall to the designated ground will warp you to the latest checkpoint you have passed on the course. But what i do not want is a plugin where you must join maps, have lobbies and have timers etc etc.

    Please can someone help me out with what seems a fairly basic checkpoint plugin.

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    @tomd15 You could use VariableTriggers.

    You will need to make a script for it, but that is simple enough. Just set a variable for their last checkpoint and use a vt area to send them back to their last checkpoint.
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    @TreeDB Thanks that sounds good. As i've never used Variable Triggers do you mind giving me a couple of steps i should follow to make this 'Script' with variables triggers etc.

    Thanks again
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