Can Bukkit quit hauling as*

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by shark4675, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Ok i don't want to fu**ing wait for bukkit slowness ok how come when 1.4 came out almost right away spoutcraft is 100% 1.4 ready witch is useless cus if i can't have both spoutcraft AND bukkit then there both useless software cus spoutcraft should always if it's going to be a plugin it should always be with bukkit why can't the guy who made spoutcraft take over bukkit? cus it looks to me like he could make bukkit better and faster.
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    LOL! You are an idiot...
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    Ok, think I'm going to actually take a break and go sleep. Thanks for the break!

    Seriously, if you don't like how we do things, screw off and go find another project. We don't have to deal with immature, unappreciative poisonous kids like you. I've barely slept since the update came out, but apparently that isn't enough. Just go away.
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    You should take a break. Get some rest. You deserve it:)
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    You can definitely tell the schools have broken up for the week. Leaving us with immature, Impudent little brats who know nothing of how these things work and the amount of shear time and effort which goes into these updates. How can you make such criticisms when you know bugger all about how the updating of the Bukkit API works?
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    Update bukkit yourself, then. Good luck!
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    If only some sort of "developmental" builds existed. Hmm, this idea could really take off!
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    SpoutCraft is a derivative of Bukkit. Thanks. :)
    Also, please, I want you to show me the next update done in <2 days... have it stable... and do it for the most part, alone.
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    lol cus can u make the fu**ing bukkit 1.4 4 us that would make it 2 much easyr
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    Nathan C

    Go to SpoutCraft then, you spoiled brat.
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    Dude, You have earned it. go take a nap and watch some T.V. or whatever. We know its hard what you do and im sorry that so many people are criticizing you when they could do no better. thanks for all the great work! -bslc
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    This kid needs a brain...
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    SpoutCraft isn't a server mod :>

    But I agree this guy was being a little.. well... <.< Stupid?
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    You must be kidding...
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    SpoutCraft is a minecraft launcher. Spout is a game engine. Vanilla is a minecraft server plugin for the spout platform.

    Feel so smart now?
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    Spout does not have any interest in taking over Bukkit, we are working on our own Server software.
    SpoutCraft is not a server mod, nor server software, it is a client mod which, when paired with SpoutPlugin (A Bukkit plugin) allows the use of non-vanilla features, e.g. Custom blocks.

    At any rate, the Bukkit team at least deserves kudos for their work, if you don't like their work, don't use it. Still want to use it? Then just be grateful for it :)
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    The simplest way for me to express my anger:
    I hate you
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    ^ Seems friendly enough :) ^

    (fyi, shark4675 , I was being sarcastic)
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    To say i hate him would be a slight understatement. But because we are a nice community i shall leave it at that.

    Some people were obviously not raised in a good mannered family and have not been taught the simple lesson in life: 'If you can't do it better, shut up'. Oh well, at least the most of us bukkit community understand (i hope)
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    Actually, I feel smarter now that you told me :p

    Anyways, let's not argue. I agree with your earlier post, this person was being quite the fool.
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    This kid made my day :p

    If he complains about things like this, If I was you, I would appreciate it that someone kind is working hard, and doesn't get to sleep so you can entertain your ass over his project.

    Also "cus" is a Copper monosulfide, which is a chemical compound of copper and sulfur.

    So yeah, get a dictionary ? :)
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    When I read this title, I thought he meant "Quit hauling ass" as in "Quit putting out so many dev builds and fixing so many bugs, I'm having trouble keeping up."

    Oh how wrong I was.
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    That was my first impression, too. Looks like he's even more stupid than we anticipated.
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    Yeah, the most hilarious thing in this thread is how badly he misinterpreted what the expression "haul ass" means.
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    I'm not even going to tag you; I respect you too much to give you a notification. Anyways, I agree with the general consensus here: get some sleep; the bug fixing can wait another few days. Many thanks to you and the Bukkit team for your hard work!

    /me likes every post on this thread except for the first.
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    Wow, you got some balls kid :)
    I would like to see you rewrite a Java project in less that a week or two. // of mc

    Many thanks to EvilSeph, ES, you are a kind man that does not have to take that from a brat. Take as much breaks as you want because you work hard to keep this up and going, even with MC API. Sleep is important.

    Plus, you are complaining about this... wonder who you are. If you live in America, I very much pity you because there are soldiers protecting your "ass" from trouble. The least you could do is just stay quiet. Now not to be mean because I see you have some haters on this thread, but you really put me in a bad mood. (don't ask, I don't think I could tell) (pun)

    Surprised, this post was not locked. I think EvilSeph wanted this post to be comment on *big troll grin on face* :)
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    Well now this explains why we have not had like 3 dev releases fixing stuff basically every single day for the past week.....

    FistofIrony's photo captures the moment perfectly...

    I would put up a photo of my opinion of author of this thread, but likely it just be taken down...
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    Guys, OP troll is not going to respond, not worth it.
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    Erma gherd a little child winging how he paid nothing for bukkit and has to wait a whole 3 days before he can play, outrageous!
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    I bet he plays MineCrack...
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