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    Please note before reading that I know I have been making a
    fair few posts recently, But this will be my last one for a long time.

    That being said, Let's move onto the plugin:

    (Before Reading, Please watch the video FIRST. I highly suggest you do)

    What I want is hooked onto ItemLoreStats.
    As you probably know Item lore stats uses a command (/ils stats) to check
    for the players Stats (I only want a few select stats on there)
    I want that incorporated into a netherstar that you
    spawn with (Hotbar, slot 9). It cannot be moved nor dropped and will
    persist through death and will not drop on death. the nether star will also
    track the players amount of kills. The lore "Right-Click to acivate the Player menu"
    is just something with Chestcommand, All I need is the line of text there.

    If you need more information, Please comment as I really need this.


    Item Format:

    Player Menu

    Right-Click to activate the Player Menu

    HP: X
    HP REGEN: X%
    THORNS: X%
    CRIT DMG: X%
    DODGE: X%
    BLOCK: X%

    Player Kills (PK): X
  2. consider it done
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    Thanks alot man! ^^
    Really hyped for it
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    Just wondering, why do you bump your threads, if someone is already working on it?
    Do you need a different dev and is that why your bumping?
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    View his recent posts, He says "consider it done" to everyone and then never replies.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    timtower maybe not... KureLK looks like it is time to find a new dev :/
  10. Hello, I think that you will find that my responses are not all a complete void. Now, excuse me while I work.
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    KureLK he actually does the plugins :D he's a dev on my server and he is also a really good dev
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  14. Hey sorry for the delay, a series of unexpected events had intervened with my developing time. Your plugin is nearly done but just one question: Is the "THORNS" item-lore a custom addition you made? It doesn't seem to be existent in the default configuration.

    Well Here it is! I call it ILSMenu for ItemLoreStats Menu and it is fairly configurable, just to be a good provider I decided to make the menu persistency optional. In other words, you can enabled/disable the menu constant in the config file and you can also give specific players the permission "ilsm.bypass" if you want certain users to be able to rid themselves of the menu and other players not. The ILSMenu item is also configurable, the menu item title, and also the IDLE lore! The IDLE lore is the lore on the menu item that is displayed before right-clicking it. If you have any questions or further extensions just ask.
    Download Link:

    • "ilsm.reload" - permission for /ilsm reload
    • "ilsm.give" - permission for /ilsm give <player>
    • "ilsm.bypass" - permission to bypass menu persistency

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  15. KureLK Hey, the download link is above the media.
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    Yeah, I tried it and got a internal error when trying to get the item.
  17. KureLK It works fine. give me the error

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