Can a name be used to change mob drops?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by KillerPike, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Hello everyone, I’m a newb at this sort of stuff, I haven’t even got my workspace setup yet fully. Probably expect some more questions from me soon.

    I read the rules and this seemed alright, sorry if it’s not.

    My question is, let’s say I have a sheep. Sheep drop wool. Let’s say I name this sheep Bob.

    Is there a way to make it so either

    A; when sheared the wool will have the name ‘Bobs wool’


    B; When killed will have the name ‘Bobs wool’

    Can this be done in plugins or will it take a mod?

    Thanks everyone.
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    This is very much realizable with a plugin, there is a way to do it. Is this a satisfying answer?
    Ok lets skip this unnecessary nitpicking. AFAIK the EntityDeathEvent provides a method named getDrops() which lets you edit what ItemStacks (not Items) an entity drops.
    So I rememberes that there is a PlayerSheerEntityEvent but it looks like you can not modify the drops there :(
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    @KillerPike @MightyOne
    Though you cannot directly change the drops, you can cancel the shear event, set the sheep as being sheared, and then drop the items you want. Its a bit hacky, but it will work.
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    Thank you everyone for the replies. I’m very glad to hear it’s doable.
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    Mark this as solved if your issue is resolved.
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