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  1. Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 16.2

    Suggested name: Camp

    What I want:

    This plugin is 100% great but its outdated...
    Important features

    • 1-Click tent creation
    • Customizable Tents. [You can build your own tent, and allow players to build it]
    • Pickup Tents [Shift & Right-Click to pick up a tent if you are op or the owner of the tent]
    • Create Tents Blueprints
    • Limit tents per player
    • WorldGuard Support
    • Tent must be placed by item for example crafting table

    Ideas for commands:
    • /Camp - Display Help
    • /Camp <Player>* <TentName>* [Amount] Give tents to someone
    • /Camp save <TentName>* Save blueprint of a tent
    • /Camp delete <TentName>* Delete blueprint of a tent
    • /Camp destroy player <PlayerName>* <*/TentName>* Destroy already placed tents by a player
    • /Camp destroy tent Destroy already placed tents
    • /Camp wand - Get the magic wand to set zone
    • /Camp reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    • Camp .use Allow player to place a tent(Only if User-Perms is TRUE)
    • Camp .tent.<TentName> Allow player to place a specific tent(Only if Per-Tent-Perms is TRUE)
    • Camp .tent.* Allow player to place all tents(Only if Per-Tent-Perms is TRUE)
    • Camp .destroy Allow player to use /Camp destroy command

    When I'd like it by: Take your free time to make it :)

    Also you can actually recreate old plugin to work :)
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    Still not sure what its supposed to do? U merely threw a link to another page(wich also describes what it does poorly),and should this care for anything else around it?(possible protections/regions/other people houses or anthng)

  3. For example I have my shelter(crafting table), as Admin I created prebuild schematics and saved in this plugin.
    After that I'm placing crafting table and shelter appears. Owner and other players can't destroy it by blocks.
    Owner can type command like "remove" or would be great if he could remove it by pressing crafting table.
    Also plugin must support worldguard regions

    Btw if player loggs off camp disapears
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