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    I want a plugin where you can camouflage yourself.
    Ops: Can be camouflaged as long as they want but can be seen by other ops and the server owner
    Non-ops:Can camouflage for 8 seconds at a time (Can be changed in config) and have to wait 5 minutes to camouflage again (Can also be changed in config) Also can be seen by ops and the server owner.

    Name: Camouflage

    Config: (Read the above)

    Permissions: None

    Due date: None
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    Ok so from the info I would guess camouflaged turns a player into a giant giraffe. But that's just my guess since you didn't really explain it.

    And if it just means invisible, search VanishNoPacket
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    No, when you are camouflaged you can only see the outline of the player. Sorry that I didn't explain.
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    Impossible without a client side mod
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    Oh my god you're requesting so many plugins which are impossible to make without making it into a mod..
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    Jade Retired Staff

    oh my god look what was said right above you
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    I know that, but he has more plugins that are not achieveable.

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