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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Cake wars

    What I want: Me and a couple of friends invented a minigame, where you have a potion of hunger 7 so that your hunger goes down insanely quickliy and then fight over food (cakes).
    The idea is to have an arena with a couple of cakes in give all the players a stick (prefferably configurable) with knockback that doesn't cause any damage (only knockback). The players would be teleported into the arena and given the knockback items and a hunger 7 (level also prefferably configurable) potion effect. They would fight over the cakes and of course when their hunger reached 0 they started to loose health. The last one standing wins. Since my server has a token reward system I'd like to be able to specify a command, that runs when a player wins (example: "/eco give <player> <configurable_amount>" for servers with EssentialsEco as their economy plugin). I'd also like the cakes (or the entire arena) to regen at the end of the match. Arenas would be prefferably set with WorldEdit since it's the simplest selection plugin ever and almost all servers have it.

    Ideas for commands: /cw join <arena> (to join the arena), /cw leave (to leave the arena), /cw stats <player> (to se the players wins and looses), /cw createarena <arena> (use the current WE selection as the arena (where the cakes will be regened after a match)), /cw deletearena <arena> (delete arena), /cw disablearena <arena> (disable the arena for editing (or just delete it and the create it again))

    I don't really need multiple arena, but it would be a great addition, specially for bigger servers.

    Ideas for permissions: cakewars.join (join/leave), cakewars.stats (se the stats), cakeward.disable (disable an arena), cakewars.admin (create, delete arenas)

    When I'd like it by: Quite soon, since my server is kinda lacking original minigames. The players really liked this, but we just need a plugin to manage it.

    (As you've probably noticed I'm kinda obsessed with having things configurable. I asked for the values to be configurable mostly for other users of the plugin since I put all the values I prefer in this thread.)

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