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    Hey guys i have created a little program to backup and restore minecraft worlds -- and also to restore and backup the minecraft jar file

    i run a small server and people were having issues when they updated minecraft - bukkit took a few days to update and during that period they couldnt get on the server due to wrong version. This program backs up the jar to be restored at any time

    if you are not technically minded then you can use our new MCBackup tool. Just download the Jar file and run it (at present it only works with windows 7). You can then backup your existing minecraft version, then when a new update is released you can back up that one too then revert to the previous version with a few simple clicks.

    here is the vid on how to use -

    you can download from here

    Any feed back or improvements that could be made just let me know - all appreciated.
    it uses Java anyway so can be run if you can play minecraft :)
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