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    Suggested name: BuyWarp or RentWarp

    Basically I need a /warp based system that all users can use. They can "rent a warp" for x time, say 30 days. and they can extend that time through a command, maybe the same one.

    I would like it so they can move the warp with a command without effecting the time that its been there, so that they can adjust it as needed or move it around as they like. When the time is up their warp is deleted.

    I would like the cost of the warp configurable, along with the time it can last. I would also like it to log to the console when warps are created and moved. I would also like the messages to be configurable along with the colors of the text. I would also like if possible to have the ability to control the offset of the portal. Say make it 1 or 2 blocks higher than the warp location so that you don't get stuck in the floor out of glitch


    /buywarp <warpName> <Multiplier, how may cycles to purchase; Default 1>

    Message presented to player
    Are you sure you would like to purchase warp "<warpName>" for "<preconfigured money>"? This warp will last for 30 days. Type "/confirmwarp" to confirm your purchase!

    Append Time to warp rented
    Being able to purchase extra time for the warp so there's no downtime when the 30 days is up
    /buywarp <warpName> <Multiplier, how many cycles to renew for; Default 1>

    Message presented to player
    Warp purchased type "/warp <warpName>" to use your new warp!

    The owner of the warp being able to /movewarp to fix it themselves if it's killing people(And log the new location)
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  2. I am willing to take this project.
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    edit: nevermind fond out whhy. also sorry havent been on in so long. Awsome! btw
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