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    Suggested name: BuyWarp

    What I want: Hello! I am a Mod on a skyblock server. The owners are owners of a network so they also have to deal with several other servers. So, as a fun addition on our server players can buy warps for playershops and they cost $5,000. But I was thinking that since the owners are always very busy and can not always get online to set warps for players, that a plugin could be made that lets the player set the warp and the server withdraws the required money. for instance, if a player wants to set a warp they can type a command followed by the warp name of their choice, and it will automatically set the warp for them and deduct the money from their balance. I was hoping that in the Config it would be possible to make the Cost changeable for future alterations and server changes. if a player attempts to set a warp that is already set by another player, there can be a custom message that can be configured in the config.

    Ideas for commands: to buy a warp: /buywarp <warpname>
    to Delete their own warp: /sellWarp <warp>

    Ideas for permissions: to buy a warp:
    to bypass paying:
    to sell a warp w/ refund: buywarp.sell.refund
    To sell a warp w/o refund: buywarp.sell.noRefund
    All commands: buywarp.*

    When I'd like it by: There is no rush but would be greatly appreciated to be created if possible as soon as possible :) thanks!
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    GodBlokker98 Going to need more info for this (Sad to say but I am not doing it, but others will need the info)

    How will warps be set?
    How will warps be accessed?
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    I was hoping that this plugin could work with the essential warps and could be accessed using the /warp commands.
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    GodBlokker98 Would be challenging, but possible. Could temporarily give the player permission to setwarps, then have them run the setwarp command, or hook into Essentials (which might be a little more challenging)
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    You can do this with Variable Triggers, simply setup a command that checks for the amount of money and if they already own that warp, then take that money and give them the permission.


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