Buying Property Via Real-Estate Agent ( NPC's And iConomy and Realms(If Ported)

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I would find this useful!!

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    Using NPC's you could buy property

    You could use an NPC trader and assign it to a realms zone
    Then players could buy that zone off the NPC - using iConomy
    When the transaction is complete the npc plugin runs /realms grant $playername all $area

    or something like that

    I think this would be very cool!
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    I also want this but I prefer cuboid
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    i agree
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    Every world protection / area defining plugin should have a command that allows players to buy chunks for a flatfee.

    Purchasing a virtual permit would allow players to buy them from a npc, without needing hundreds of npc's running around.

    PlayerX12 currently has 4 permits.
    *hits something with a designated trigger (for instance a gold shovel)
    PlayerX12 just used a permit on chunk: {x=0, y=10, z=0}, 3 permits left

    Alternatively a permit handler that can tie into some/all/the most popular protection systems would also be awesome.

    Setting up all the zones players need/want is tiresome work even if you are only managing a handful of users.
    Let them just do as much of it as possible ;-)

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