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    This is kinda what I want:

    But I want two ways to purchase it. Temporary or permanent purchase. I like the sign idea, but none of the above plugins are temporary issued perms, just permanent.

    If we use a command system, we need a /list perms command and /buy perm.node comand.

    So like this:
    User wants to buy a perm node, however, he does not know exactly what he wants. User uses /listperms to list the available nodes he can buy. When they find the one they want, they use /buyp perm.node. /buy is already covered with chestshop and essentials, so we need to come up with a command that is not covered by those plugins.

    Suggested comands:
    /buytnode perm.node - buy temporary perm node
    /buypnode perm.node - buy permanent perm node
    /listperms - list perm nodes

    /addtnode perm.node #### - add a temporary perm node for sale
    /addpnode perm.node #### - add a permanent perm node for sale
    /deltnode perm.node - delete a temporary perm node for sale
    /delpnode perm.node - delete a permanent perm node for sale

    In the config we can have the node with a permission string. that way only people with that perm node can buy that perm node.

    #Perm nodes for sale
        price: 100
        time: 1D
        price: 500
      permission:  'buyperm.essentials.give'
        price: 50
        time: 30M
       permission: ''
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    I would also like this. chad53105, have you found anything?
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    You can try using RewardTokens + PermissionsEx to achieve this. That's what I'm doing and works like a charm.
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    PEX is one of the worst permission plugins out there, just fyi.
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    Well I don't need to make penis measurements here nor prove my point is the best, I'm just trying to help the thread creator.
    If you have any solution for his problem, go ahead, but cut the crap.

    Edited: slayr288 just don't fill this post with "Don't do this" or "My idea is better than yours" comments. Provide something, a real solution for the problem exposed. I would be interested too.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe this Plugin makes what you need.

    It's command based, but with plugins like ServerSigns (or however they are called now) you should be able to make it sign based. (Or both)
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    I pointed that out because making him use PEX for this simple solution is a bad idea. Once you start with a permission plugin, it's hard to get out of it, and getting stuck with a less than mediocre plugin is not going to end well.

    So, I was helping the thread creator, no need to get defensive.
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    Guys, i have no intention of changing my current permission system (group manager) for any other. I have been using GM for two years and have no need to change. Syd can this plugin tie in with iConomy? if so this would be exactly what I want. From the looks it uses an EXP system independant from any other i currently use. I have MCMMO and Ontime currently. Ontime controls when a player is promoted to the next rank.
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    iConomy is supported by Vault, thus that plugin will support iConomy. If the plugin uses Vault go to the Vault page, and you will see what the plugin supports in turn. But yes, Syd 's plugin he suggested will work with another plugin that allows you to set commands on signs.
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    slayr288 i caught that after i posted. looks like i can set the skill to 0 and just set the cost. thanks...

    My idea is to use this plugin along with variable triggers and have a user push a button to recieve the permission.
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    This doesn't sound to hard, if I get some spare time this week ill make it.
    What economy system do you use? Vault, iconomy?
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    Watch the language you use, it's inappropriate.

    Also read this for why PEX is awful.

    Continue this in a PM if you want.
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    Magic_Mat i believe Syd already wrote the plugin i need. i do appreciate your help though. I do use Vault and iConomy. the only quiestion i have for Syd is does your plugin reset rented times/nodes for those when the server is restarted? I restart my server every eight hours. So if a user rents a node, will they lose it upon reset? or if they don't will it still be timed? say Notch buys flight 30 minutes before reset. The rent time is 24 hours. If the server resets, does he still keep flight? If so, does the time still run?
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    The plugin should with every Economy and Permission plugin that Vault supports.

    If you use the BuySkills Beta version (, you can use it without the EXP system, as well as getting a plugin written by a way more experienced developer and therefore less bugs.
    (Also the Beta plugin should be more stable and has less bugs than the old ExpSkills versions...)

    The plugin itself saves the time when the rental of a skill does expire. If you rent a skill at 1.1.2013 00:01 for 1 day, it will expire the next scheduled check after 2.1.2013 00:01.
    -> The plugin is not affected by restarts
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    thanks for the reply Syd I am having that problem with a voting listener plugin. I wanted to grant a special subgroup for a voter for a timed period, however, it will not remove the subgroup and identifier after its time. i believe it is due to my restarts.
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    I have already made this, check out my plugins its called permissionsigns

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