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    Plugin category: MISC.

    Suggested name: BusyMode

    What I want: Basically, this plugin allows players to go into busy mode and prevent other players from using certain commands on them. Also, there is a txt file in it's directory that says "overrides", this means that these players can override other players being busy even if they're on the list, and preform the desired action anyway. It is useful for the following scenarios and already set up for them, if you try to perform a blacklist command on a busy person it will be canceled and you will see a message that says "&4(name) is busy". The message can also be configured. (note: even if a player is busy, they can still perform the commands on other people that you couldn't perform on a person that's busy.)

    1.When your building something and you don't want other players teleporting you to their location or vice versa.

    2.When you don't want that admin that likes to troll people forcefully killing you every second.

    3.When you don't want players to clear your inventory or even see it.

    4.Add any other scenarios you think could be useful.

    Also, you can choose to play a sound to the player who ran the command or even have them send a request which will ask the busy player if you want to allow the command or deny it.

    Ideas for commands: /busy - toggle busy mode; /isbusy (player) - checks if the player is busy, if no player is given, it will check yourself -before you wreck yourself. get it?-.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed.

    When I'd like it by: August 4th
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    I can try it.
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    I did make it. I will be posting it on bukkitdev ASAP (Just needs to be approved... This might actually take awhile :p) I'll send a msg when it's up.

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