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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Xanderpitz, May 1, 2015.

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    For those of you who have played on networks like Hypixel & Mineplex you'd know about their gems and credits that link all of their servers together. Doing trivial tasks in each game awards you with these tokens that you can spend on most anything on any gamemode.

    I feel this is a key element in rounding out a network hub server, and thus have been looking for someone to code this for a while.

    Category: Bungeecord, MySQL

    SuggestedName: XPCraft

    What I want: XP system that is linked between all servers.

    - Able to set various events that will award XP such as: killing mobs in survival, ranking up on Creative, etc. Since the server will be expanding, we should be able to add these events manually. I do have a dev who can code well (but not THIS well), so he can add more complex events.
    - XP balance is linked through MySQL between all servers and you can spend them on the lobby server of any gamemode. PLEASE detail how we will be able to actually purchase things on each gamemode. Basically, when we make a separate plugin for purchasing in-game upgrades and things like that, how can we link it up to that person's XP balance so it will actually charge them. Will it require a command, or for my dev to input code? Etc.
    - Includes XP-packs & Super XP-packs. When used, these double & triple (respectively) the XP earned by everyone in that gamemode only for 1 hour. Basically, I should be able to specify the servers I want it to affect based on where they are standing when they use it, seeing as some gamemodes will have multiple servers.

    Ideas for Commands:
    - /xp - Checks your XP balance. I'll alias the bukkit /exp to nothing and /xp to this one, but I need a plugin node such as XPCraft:xp.
    - /xp add # - Adds XP to an account
    - /xp remove # - Removes XP from an account
    - /xp donate {player} # - Donate XP to another player
    - /xppack - Checks your amount of XP-packs & Super XP-packs. Also serves as a mini-help menu, displaying the following 2 commands:
    - /usepack - Uses an XP-Pack.
    - /usesuperpack - Uses a Super XP-pack.
    - /xppack add - Adds an XP-pack to an account.
    - /xppack remove - Removes an XP-pack from an account.
    - /superxppack add - Adds a Super XP-pack to an account.
    - /superxppack remove - Removes a Super XP-pack from an account.

    Ideas for Permissions:
    - xpcraft.add - Access to /xp add command
    - xpcraft.remove - Access to /xp remove command
    - xpcraft.donate - etc.
    - xpcraft.xppack.add
    - xpcraft.xppack.remove
    - xpcraft.superxppack.add
    - xpcraft.superxppack.remove

    /xppack, /usepack and /usesuperpack won't need permissions as everyone should be able to use them regardless of donor rank.

    When I'd like it by: The sooner the better, but I understand this is a titanic plugin to code, so just do your best and I'll manage in the meantime.

    BIG THANK YOU to whoever decides to take on this hot mess of a plugin. I've hired 3 devs to do it, and all seemed to disappear before it was finished, so I'm desperate to get this finished. Of course, whoever codes this obviously will receive full credit in a rotating server broadcast.
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