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    Plugin category: Anti-Griefing Tool

    Suggested name: Bulletproofing

    What I want:
    You construct a structure, and with a wand of some sort (maybe a stick) select the entity and give it a certain amount of hp or health (with a changeable max and min in config). However you can only do this to certain entities such as cobblestone, obsidian, gold, diamond etc..(hopefully I could add other entities using a config file).

    Ideas for commands:
    /bp wand -access to the wand

    Ideas for permissions:
    bp.wandaccess -accesss the wand

    When I'd like it by:
    No Rush At All
  2. I was thinking of something like this, giving health to blocks. It seems easy but its hard to implement that type of mechanic. I am not a developer btw, just a wanderer of bukkit :).
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    I read what I want. And would you like to construct the structure with my stick?
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    @LeCastlecrafter To do this you would have to check each block's surrounding block to see if it is a protectable type.
    Then you wouldn't want to have a file full of thousands of block positions, you would just have a bounding box around all the blocks you want to protect and then protect all those in that box, that way you only need two positions in a file for thousands of blocks.

    But the discovery of every block in the structure will take a VERY long time, since there are 6 faces on each block, check every face except the previous face for 1,000 blocks (a 10x10x10 structure), that will take quite a while and that is only a 1,000 blocks, you would probably have more in a real structure.

    So if you want to wait a couple for it to finish than ya you can have someone develop this, otherwise just use worldguard!
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    The wand would work like world edit, so yes similar except that with the wand it would let you modify the amount of work necessary to break something down rather than just building it quickly with a wand. However yes, when I say select the structure I mean the same way you do it in world edit.
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