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    Are you afraid of server corruption but don't want to manually backup server everyday?
    Are you hosting a server for someone and promised a daily backup? Well, if yes, Bukup is for you!
    Also updates Craftbukkit every time when turned on!
    Basically, this plugin copies your Bukkit to your USB and updates Craftbukkit. (Downloads latest beta)
    Very customisable!

    How to install:
    1. extract the rar file to your desktop
    2. Go to the Bukup folder
    3. Open Bukup_Config in any text editor
    4. Fill the config
    5. Start Bukup
    6. Enjoy!

    - No updates needed (except bug fix updates)
    - Very easy to use
    - Save a lot of time
    - No found bugs
    - .Exe version coming soon!

    - Can sometimes be slow.
    - If you turn Bukup off when it's not finished, the files may corrupt.

    Update list:
    - I'm now working on a exe version.

    Found a bug? Email me: [email protected]

    Download here: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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