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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: MoreAbilities/BukkitAbilities

    What I want:

    EDIT: Now the developer are the one that searching for more developer to help them making more abilities, see the post here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukkitgames/ at the comment section.

    I'd like to have someone that want to make me more BukkitGames abilities for the kits. I suggest to make abilities like the McPvP's abilities. So this plugin is just an add-ons that make more abilities to BukkitGames, nothing else need to be added. It don't need to modify the BukkitGames plugin it self, but create a new plugin that will add more abilities.

    My suggestion of abilities are:
    1. Ability to get ingots instantly without having it in ore block when mine it.
    2. configure-able pork chop-like ability. Example: Killing enderman always drop 2 ended pearl or something else we configure in the ability.yml.
    3. Every chicken, cow and pig when killed will always drop cooked food.
    4. Brewing will have instant done.
    5. Shooted bow will not go down slowly, it will go straight without going down (go straight to where we point at).
    6. Sprinting will not cause hunger.
    7. Generate random-filled chest when we push button on a block, the block will turn to chest. It will have cool down when we can use the ability again.

    You don't have to do all of the abilities that I list, maybe just some. But if you do almost all of it, it would be very appreciated. :) You can also make your own abilities like anyway you want.

    If you say I post that listed in 'things not to do' the author says here that anyone can make their own abilities, I did make a ticket to the author but he says to look a developer that want to do it.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed for this plugin.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

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    No commands and no permissions, great totally useless without these important things that your asking for.
    Not to mention a HungerGames/StarvingGames administrating tools for a plugin that has (in some what) already in it, I personally I agree with Galodystic but you need torealize that no one ever in their right mind, will create yet another hungergames plugin all over again.

    What you CAN do is ask the author of the current starving games for an add-on to it.

    Again many members like my dear hawkfalcon will say "NO" and im sure all will agree on it aswell.
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    You don't need to re-make the plugin again, it just need some abilities to be added. By that i mean create a plugin that called abilities or other thing and what it do just add more abilities and nothing else.
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    Well you can as I stated above ask the plugin authors, However you can ask here as an add-on to a specific plugin but we would need the source code for it.

    Im not saying that you CANNOT, im just saying few will do it.
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    Yeah, I did ask them. Galodystic and ftbastler is the author and the ticket I send to them is a suggestion of making more abilities. But Galodystic suggest me to search a developer that want to make more abilities. Am I do something wrong? :/ Btw, the source code is in their BukkitDev page.
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    Never said your doing something wrong.
    Never the less-Good luck finding someone.
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    Some of these will be relatively easy. Numbers one, two, three, and six will be relatively easier than the others.

    Someone released "ClassicBows" (?), which does what you need for bows.

    Instant brewing will be... I'm not actually sure how that would work.

    Anyways, good luck with a developer. :)
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    Anyone? :/
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    I think I can give you a copy of my bukkitgames because I am now making some abilities but I am not very goot at java coding so I can't make that you can shoot with a bow stright way. But I think I can make that if you kill a enderman you will get mre enderpearls and I recently maked if you drink you will get speed for 20 second or slowness for 20 sec :) I have bukkitgames 1.3.2 in my eclipse and I can edit it so if someone could help me send me an email. [email protected]
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    Can you send me the abilities? :) And please check your e-mail. :D
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    I'm only yesterday started making abilities but i have one done. this one is Gambler
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