BukkitDev Linking Returns

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by ZeldoKavira, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. @nverdier You seem to have taken personal offense to this. That's not what it was mean't for. Bye.
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    @uvbeenzaned I'm not taking any personal offense, I'm defending the Bukkit team. Again, this is getting off topic. Please don't respond, and let's walk away from this.
  3. Out of curiosity, will the Minecraft account linking feature ever be re-added? I don't wish to add more to Curse's plate, but it sort of disappeared and no one has really said anything about it.
  4. I wish!
    Uuids and stuff :/
  5. @ChipDev
    Why would uuids be extremely different from names?
  6. They should now put in UUIDS (Or put in your name, save the uuid, and then whenever a page loads, get the player from the uuid because of name changes on feb 4 <3
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  7. @ChipDev
    Sounds like a realistic solution. I'd vouch for it :)
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  8. Sounds like a great way to hit Mojang's rate limit :p
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  9. Jeez, Didn't even thing of that :p
    'Don't get ddos'd!
  10. The old Minecraft linking system used UUIDs (as well as a cached copy of the username, for speed and ratelimiting reasons, which was refreshed once a day).
  11. At the present time, I still think that Minecraft Account Association would be a great re-addition.
    I officially +1[meat] this idea. To anyone who feels similarly, please show your support for the restoration of this feature :)
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  12. Might want to mention you're talking about MC account association, as this thread is about DBO account association ;)
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  13. Since I am new and have not posted much I figured I would contribute something for the new people out there. If you want the link to dev to work correctly make sure you have something in your signature and it is not just blank. That is all, have a nice day :)
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    Thanks for adding this back.
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  15. What does the linking do? :p I'm a bit nooby. But all robot's have to learn!
  16. Doesn't work. i already made a conversion with
    @mrCookieSlime but he too doesn't have any clue why it isn't working. Can you do it manually for my account (FisheyLP on bukkitdev too)
  17. @FisheyLP
    You need to ask an administrator for that.
  18. @mrCookieSlime yeah quite fast.. its only almost 2 days ago, they didn't reply and I messaged them booth. ._.
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    ZeldoKavira Administrator Curse

    Sorry @FisheyLP was off for a few days. Will look into your issue.
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  20. Finally fixed.
  21. ...He said over a month later. :p
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    Uhh, can someone please explain this to me a bit more in depth? Like, do we need to fill all of the areas of the form? Where do I go to find the form?
  23. It still doesn't work for me ._.
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