BUkkit.yml Connection Throttle ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ledhead900, Mar 30, 2012.

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    What exactly does this throttle do and what would the effects be of lowering or making it higher and what is the number representing (4000 what ?)

    Just curious because as an admin I would like to know these things and if they are of any use to me to help optimize speeds.

    I know its obviously a data packet throttle of some kind but what for and why would I adjust this.

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    We need more info than this.
    What happens when you get that error?
    How many people were on when this happened?
    What is your Bandwidth?
    Are you hosted on a VPS/Dedi/PC?
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    I don't believe he mentioned an error anywhere? He just wants to know what the throttling does. While I dont know anything more about it other then its data packet throttling, I can assume the 4000 is maybe 4000 packets a second are allowed? You would have to look into it more as I don't know the specifics of it.
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    Hmm, well by looking into it I came here ;), lots of admins around here.

    I doupt its 4000 packets a second though that is pretty ludicrous that is almost like tiny DDOS.
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    Im wondering about this as well. Running a small server and it tends to lag at around 10 players. Wondering if theres any config i can do to improve the speed until i get can get an upgrade
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    Bump. Running a dedi server, amd phenom 8core, 16 gig ddr3, 5 Mbps upload, 40 download.
    want to know what this throttling does and can i optimize connection. i regularly get 30+ players from friday night till sunday. Just looking for any tweak or setting to speed up the connection,
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    "connection-throttle: (long, milliseconds) The delay before a client is allowed to connect again after a recent connection attempt. A value of 0 disables the connection throttle but leaves your server susceptible to attacks (only recommended for test servers). Default: 4000"

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