Bukkit - What are you working on? September 2014 (#1)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by jackwilsdon, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Hi there! What are you currently working on within the Bukkit community? Post screenshots or videos here.

    I guess I'll start this off. I've been working on rewriting my KillStreak Bukkit plugin from the ground up. Having to do this due to the new UUID support, and after looking through my code more recently I've realised it needs rewriting. Surprisingly people are still using it according to MCStats, although it will get a bit messy when username changing is enabled (Killstreaks won't be saved across name changes).

    Current code can be found here, looks like I've forgotten to push the 2.0 branch to upstream. BukkitDev link.

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    I am working on a little something....
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    Ooo, that looks good. I completely forgot about the tooltips in chat, didn't know you could manipulate them with Bukkit!

    Edit: Are you using this?
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    Is this not already being done in the Sponge and Glowstone server projects?
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