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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by dxwarlock, May 30, 2012.

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    After a bit of discussion with my host..thought I would get a bit more input/knowledge before sticking my foot in my mouth while talking to them.

    Since the new bukkit r3.0 update, Ive lost all color in the telnet connection to bukkit (Ive tried remotebukkit and bukkittelnet plugins both are the same result)
    I can rollback to previous RC R1.0 and all is fines so I'm assuming it has to do with the jline changes in bukkit.
    My host is on a linux box, so its not the need for the Visual c++ patch so not quite sure how to approach them, or with what I might need from them to get color back.

    I asked them about jline, and its disabled by default on all boxes as usual, as a security feature. They enabled it for me to test, and that seemed to fix it for telnet, but got TONS of bukkit jline exception in the raw console..so had them disable it again.

    Am i making any sense? is there something I need them to add, enable, or such to get color back?
    The reason I need color is mainly for chat, before the update my chat in telnet would be colored the same as ingame by group, trying to keep an eye on chat with it all being just white now is a pain, as its blends in with the command logs, the connection log, and other random text you get in console.
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    Are the jline exception's happening when people disconnect? If so, update to R3.0.
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    was having jline exceptions anytime anything with color happened..chat, disconnects, etc.

    you think upgrading to 3.0 and having them enable jline with help with both the errors and colors?
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    Don't know. I know when R2.0 came out every time someone disconnected jline threw an exemption, but that was corrected in R3.0. They also removed the need for ANSICON on Windows boxes. I don't know what other changes to the new jline they may have made. So I would give it a try.

    Also RemoteBukkit version 1.1.10 is listed as built for 1.2.5-R3.0. I couldn't find a dev or plugin page for BukkitTelnet, but the source code on github has not been touch in 3 months. So I would say your best shot for compatibility will be to stay with RemoteBukkit.
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    ok thanks!
    ill try remotebukkit and see if I can talk them into enabling jline (or stop disabling as it would be) again.
    Didnt want to hassle them to try to work out my problems by trying things randomly for me :)

    Dont want to be one of the clients they have going "HALP! it worked, now it doesnt! you fix plz!" without at least some background of what may be causing it, if its my end, bukkit end, or server end first.
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