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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Im4eversmart, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Hey im new on the bukkit forums here. I just have this problem with my server thats been bugging me. For some reason on this new server, one person sleeps at night, it turns to day time. I know that its supposed to turn to day time, but normally it would require all the players to be sleeping at the same time. I tested this with both OP status and non-OP status and it seems the same, everyone else is running around doing their thing and only one person needs to sleep to turn it to day time. The plugins im running are Essentials, Heroic Death and Creeperheal. Im not sure if it has anything to do with the plugins but if anyone knows how to set this back to the normal way it is would be appreciated.

    Also does anyone know of that 1 plugin that instantly fixes creeper holes? I forgot what that plugin was called.
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    That's a part of Essentials (dont know how to turn it off), and about the creeper holes fixing it's built in Essentials.
    Look into the EssentialsProtect in config.yml and change creeper-blockdamage: false to true :p
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    Thanks for the help, hopefully someone will respond to this thread about the sleeping thing.

    Also after I configured the Essentials to true for block damage, it only reloads after I reconnect to the server. All I see is a hole that makes anything that goes in it spazz out. Is it supposed to be like this? Cause I remember the blocks used to just pop back in place
  4. I'm having the same problem with sleeping. I want all players to be required to sleep in order for it to become day again. Surely there has to be a fix for this?
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    If you use permission, add a NEGATIVE permission: essentials.time.set
    if you use pex, it would be -essentials.time.set
    if you dont use permission, then deop.
    Only ways I know to fix it.
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    dont give essentials.sleepingignored to admin/OP. if you have it without this permission, its not essentials.

    errrr, what? explain more clearly please?
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