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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by misterzizka, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Hi Bukkit developers!

    This is my questions and suggestions for bukkit!

    Will bukkit ever get any build in plugins?
    Fx. an overall group system so 45 developers doesn't come up with different idea's for a group sytem that only supports few plugins each.. (Hey0 had a nice group sytem imo)

    Is there an ETA of craftbukkit/bukkit? (probably answered in another thread and sry for that, but hell no im gonna read 100+ threads)

    Would be nice with more info about the development progress instead of a 1km long post at the front page every month.. (like notch's tumblr, he was good at posting news once, now he only post a few each month :/ sad)

    When bukkit is finished, will plugins get broken after main-bukkit updates like with the hey0 mod?

    Will plugin development get easier for developers with bukkit? (i asume thats why the development of the mod itself takes so long time)

    I compare alot of my questions to hey0 mod because i really liked hey0 mod :/ Thtat's why i expect bukkit to be even greater ! :D

    Don't get me wrong in any of the questions i ask, im just curious like the rest of us noobs who isn't really very much into the programming world :/

    I think more info on the site would result in less topics like this one ;)

    Thumbs up for the developers of bukkit aswell as the plugin developers!

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    Groups: I hope so
    ETA; nope
    more info about the development: I agree about more info about the development, but I like the news on the front page too
    plugins broken: sometimes they change a few things atm, but nothing huge. most times it can be fixed in a few mins but when it gets officially released I don't think they change things so plugins will brake. (only if there is an minecraft update that forces these changes)
    development easier: it is already! it's not finished yet but it's already better than hmod imo

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    Ok.. :) i dont know if your in the dev-team but about that ETA when is approx. finished?
    Plugins broken: Ok thats good to hear :D Hope that means or servers won't be down for ages when an official minecraft update is out!

    Dev. easier: I guess thats why so many allready made plugins ;) But easy and easy :/ i bet you need to change alot in the progress once in awhile when new bukkit updates arrive?

    So thank you for the info! Im still wondering about an approx. on that final date! So leave this forum open :)

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