Bukkit Q&A at Minecon

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    So Minecon is over, and we all had a blast! Between giving random autographs, helping out lots of people with issues, and explaining why bukkit isn't out yet, we were working on updating bukkit live at our booth for people to come watch!

    We also had a panel during the first day, which was really scary but also lots of fun for all of us. We initially wanted to split it into three parts - intro, Q&A and then twitter Q&A for those who couldn't join us in person, but unfortunately there just wasn't enough time as we had so many great questions to answer.

    Unfortunately again we also only had one mic, so the sound quality isn't as awesome as we'd like, but we're working on getting subtitles/captions up soonish to help clear up anything you can't hear :)

    For those who are curious, the team members are, in order from left to right: EvilSeph, Dinnerbone, Grum, and Tahg.

    Introduction to Bukkit (YT)

    Q&A Part 1 (YT)

    Q&A Part 2 (YT)

    Q&A Part 3 (YT)

    Q&A Part 4 (YT)
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    In your root folder, there will be a folder named "world". Just copy and paste it into another folder, so if your world gets corrupted when using a development build - you won't have lost everything. You can also backup world_nether if you want to too by doing the same thing.

    This thread isn't really for asking for support - Ask for help in the future here.
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    Thanks guys for ya help :D

    Ok, sorry. I'm new to the site. I didn't know that there was a page for that. Thanks for telling me

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  4. OMG My Dinnerbone is on TV! <3 I loved the panel and all the questions and the crowd!
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    bukkit fanboys....... well at least i know when i first implemented multi world support on my server and back then there was no bukkit :) just hmod.
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    We *were* hmod. Trust me, there was no multiworld. There were hackish workarounds by making lots of different servers and making users connect between them, sometimes with a client mod, but that's it.
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    Thanks :)
  8. Anyone else notice the new update spells leet?
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    Any text version?
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    Grum's accent is awesome :p
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    King Rat

    You guys were really great, but they was still something hobbit-ish about you all ^_^
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    Interesting stuff. Look forward to bukkit 1.0.
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    The push of the Voxel plugins as a showcase for Bukkit is nauseating. Yes they are cool, yes they work well and allow you to do cool things. It just bothers me that they get promoted as a portion of bukkit, when they are plugins (and not actually a part of it) that one of the bukkit team members made. Just like the other plugins by previous bukkit team-member sk89q... Yet Voxel's get showcased (they didn't have time to make their own vids? maybe). Other than that, great stuff.

    I'm glad to see these posted up here though, and glad to see the community interest increasing and awareness of what bukkit is and has to offer being pushed.
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    @Tahg looks familiar. Is he from Tennessee?
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    Part 4 now available.

    By the way, nice glass @Dinnerbone Stay classy.
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    "You can't run a server without NoCheat". :eek:

    Uhm.. thanks?

    Good Q&A, except for the sometimes unaudible questions (will watch them again when subtitles are available) as I think I missed a few questions.
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    Mod Edit (NuclearW): This is not a thread for asking when the new RB is out.
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    The little tid-bit of info that EvilSeph is an Admin on the Voxel server makes it much more clear why Voxel was prominent in the (compared to the rest of the talk, brief) intro. I am glad they brought up other plugins toward the end of the Q&A.
    really and excellent talk over all I enjoyed the 4 (edit: 5) vids! Good job to the entire bukkit team! Public speaking is legitimately a terrifying experience.
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    Interesting to finally see the faces behind the bukkit team.

    You guys seem really cool, albeit a bit nervous at first. Glad to see the devs behind bukkit are such friendly and cool people. Great job guys.
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    I think voxelsniper looks really cool. Good job guys, minecon must have been a whole lot of fun ;D
    and btw, the 1.8.1 recommended build spells LEET! (didja guys do that one on purpose?!?)
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    Bypass God... use a developer build and create a non-PvP world and no monster world. Then will be violence in the world...[redflower]
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    "Hey lets annoy everyone who didn't go to Minecon by making the intro and outro of the video stupidly loud, and the actual video very quiet!" :p.

    On a serious note, that was actually interesting to watch, although what appears to be self-promotion of the Voxel plugins was... unfortunate.

    Good to see some other plugins getting a mention towards the end though.
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    Don Redhorse

    well I don't bother as long as the put the not released yet plugin up :p

    Voxelbox is GREAT.. and I would like to see a NO BUILD version of it for guests... but I don't really have the time for it.. but I really enjoy the videos from them and other good build worlds..
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    I agree with Sleaker - more Heroes videos :~(
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    Were you that guy, who stroke his self up during the Q&A to be the Heroes dude?
    C'mon, they couldn't list/say every awsome plugin out there(which the Hero ones count to),
    and Evil's nearest thoughts are on the VoxelBox, which is just logic that than he pronaunced them.
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    nah it's more of a personal preference, I don't care if Heroes had a vid in a Q&A - I would just hope in the future Bukkit shows off things you can do in bukkit, more than people's sideprojects, or if bukkit itself doesn't actually offer up enough content, then get together more community stuff in a video rather than just pushing what 1 plugin can do, I would say the same thing if it had been sk89q up there displaying just worledit/worldguard. I realize that they did put out some request for using a few other non-Voxel vids but couldn't cause of licensing (illegal music or people didn't respond) - Hopefully more prep next time (especially now that they are with curse).

    It would be really cool if they had just a panel for showing off some of the cool plugins that people have been making for use with bukkit.
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    Obviously, you mistake me for someone who cares. It was a presentation with not as much time as they wanted, had there been more time, there might have been a more diverse presentation of plugins/work
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