Bukkit Project Update - Slow development; Addition to the Team

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Since the release of Minecraft 1.2.5, activity around the project has seen a significant slow down and we hope that this short announcement will help clear things up. Despite the recent new additions to the team and the team being eager to get new features and more improvements added to the project, we were quickly made aware of a potential performance issue in our latest Recommended Build, CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R.10. Since it is unacceptable to have a Recommended Build that has a significant performance issue present in it, I immediately froze development on the project and had all our resources redirected to discovering the cause of and resolving the issue of poor performance.

    After countless sleepless nights of going through our changes, build by build, we're happy to report that we believe we've tracked down and fixed most of the causes of high CPU usage within our code. Utilising the powerful profiling tool YourKit Java Profiler (which the company has kindly provided to us in support of the project), we were not only able to track down the initial cause of the significantly poor performance but were also able to devise some optimisations and improvements we could make to our code to provide server admins with a better server running experience on top of that. YourKit Java Profiler enabled us to follow the execution of our code and determine what parts of it were taking up more CPU time than it should, giving us the opportunity to replace the inefficient code with a better alternative.

    Some improvements include:
    - Optimised and improved the entity collision fix.
    - Added new ability to set spawn limits per creature type (animal, water animal, monster)

    Possible planned improvements include:
    - Investigating more avenues for optimization
    - Optimised handling of events by only setting them up if a plugin is listening to the event.

    Until we're happy with how these optimisations perform, the project will remain under a code freeze and the changes will remain purely within development builds. As soon as we're certain everything is good to go, we'll promote a Recommended Build for everyone to update to. Once we're certain the new Recommended Build is performing properly, we'll resume our normal development style. We've promoted a Beta Build containing our attempts to address the performance issues and hope you'll help us test them out to bring us closer to a new Recommended Build sooner: http://goo.gl/HSFoU

    While the team worked extremely hard and tirelessly to get down to the bottom of the bad performance exhibited by CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0, one individual from the community showed a lot of initiative, was instrumental in helping us pin-point several of the hotspots within our code and helped develop many of the fixes we used. As such, it is my pleasure and honour to be announcing that we've made a new addition to the core Bukkit Team. Please join me in welcoming Amaranth to the Bukkit team, his contributions to, hard work and passion for Bukkit and programming make him more than deserving of this opportunity.

    As always, thanks for your continued support and patience while we worked through the reported issues. You guys are truly awesome and we wouldn't be here without you. Thanks for everything!
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    MultiCore? Please...
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    Wolvereness Bukkit Team Member

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    Keep up the good work!
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    Has there been any tickets for recent force op hacks? People can force operator with special tools even within the lastest bukkit servers, which is a very serious issue.

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    Thank you guys! Keep it up!
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    Multicore please. Mostly a big server will use mutlicore to make their server faster.
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    if you mean Bukkit being able to utilize more server cores, ten I'm all up for that one, too!
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    More pervasive multithreading definitely isn't something the Bukkit project can do. That requires the kind of changes that should only happen in vanilla.
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    Why do people not get it into their heads, that statement has been made soo many times.
    Congratulations everyone and we hope to get everything looking ship shape for an RB.
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    Thank youuuuuuu!
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    Welcome Amaranth!
    (are you hoping to get on the Mojang boat as well? ;) )

    I had already updated my server as soon as I noted 'fix for high CPU load' in the dev build description. Good to see it's a Beta build now.
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    whew thanx guys, my little serer was not handling the cpu usage well :)
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    Awesome and congrats Amaranth
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    Nathan C

    Darn it, this has been gone over 1000000 TIMES!

    There IS NOT HACKS that can allow OP! The only way they can get OP is from stupid offline mode servers with dumb admins.

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    There is no Force OP hack, indeed. The video was just some random scriptkid that created his shitty skid program to get money out of people's surveys. If your server got 'hacked' *sigh*, it means you are either:
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    On-topic: Congratulations, Amaranth ! :)
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    there is an exploit "session stealer", it is from minecraft.net authentication.

    u can use protection plugin like authme / xauth to overcome this problem

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    Please add multi-core to your bukkit
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    Not a force OP hack, and only works if you get lured into shady servers.

    See here:
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    Congrats to Amaranth!

    And as for development, I'd rather have slower add of new features than servers crashing because they can't handle the CPU issues. I feel EvilSeph made the right call here.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Congrats to Amaranth, who hopefully will appreciate not being tagged in every post in this topic :D

    Also, I will start deleting or throwing infractions for posts below this one that mention the "force op" "hack." This is unrelated to the topic. See this linked topic for more information on those fake "hacks".
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    Keep up the awesome work
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    Yet another fine, well deserved, addition to the team. Welcome Amaranth
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    Looks great.
    And to the first comment... Please multi core :p
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    Multi-core with multi-threading it's very good [diamond]
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    You know how much work this is and how many critical issues it can cause?
    Really... I think it would be better to let bukkit as stable as it is and don't put such an endless effort in it with so much new bug potential.
    I'd have an other opinion if there weren't an upcoming Mojang API with a complete new design and without the pressure to make stable changes while people use it.
    My proposal is to keep bukkit as stable and bugless as possible until the mojang api smashes everything with its overwhelming performance :p ^^' (go dinnerbone go)

    - Thanks for latest performance improvements @ Bukkit team
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    Congrats Amaranth! The team has been working their ass off on this issue, and it's great to know that it's that much closer to being fixed. Great work.
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    Nice work. I haven't experienced any performance problems, but anyway. With Animal Collision Fix, I assume you mean the bug that animals occasionally glitch trough fences and walls upon chunk loading?
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    Less CPU usage you say? ffffffffffffffffffff-yes!
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