Solved Bukkit not letting anyone on server.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by serban25, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Hi! I am running a hamachi server with Bukkit for my friends. I updated 2-3 days ago its been working perfectly nothing was wrong. Well i had the server longer but i updated then. Anyways today they can't join it. I realized its not Hamachi because they can join my Vanilla minecraft server (i made it just to test if they can join i tried remaking it 2 times just to see)and Terraria server. I tried to remake the bukkit server with diffrent settings 5 times with no luck. Im asking 2 things 1: Why does it suddenly not allow anyone in but me? 2: How do i fix it. Also sometimes it randomly opens a Vanilla server don't ask me how it does it but it just opens an extra map with no plugins or anything like it opens its own Vanilla. I think i fixed that but maybe it can help you understand the problem (they can join that random Vanilla Bukkit opens). Again i didnt update it or anything it just broke just like that at a snap of a finger. Sorry for wall of text im not really good at explaining things. Also if this is already been said everywere im sorry im a n00b at this :(.

    No one seems to know? Bummer :(
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    is your bukkit updated to the latest version?
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    I tried the latest version as well but that didn't fix anything.
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    So there server is open and not whitelisted? Also is there anything in the logs on player join? Is there modloader or spout involved?
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    I tried it with bunch of plugins and i tried bukkit alone with no plugins. There is no whitelist. There is no logs of players joining. All they get is connecting to server. that's it when they try to log in. And of course its open when they try. Also why would it stop allowing them to join just like that from day 2 working fine to day 3 just like that?
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