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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MrConnn, Mar 5, 2015.

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    I'm really really wanting to advance in Java code as I find it exciting trying new stuff and taking on challaneges. Is there possibly like a book/eBook I could order and learn almost everything there is to know. It would also help with homework as we've to read any books to improve literacy haha. ;P

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    You can find a lot of Java books online, but I don't think there are many books about Bukkit.

    Best way to learn is basically to work on projects and Google problems for help, I'm not a coding genius myself but I bet many out there who are still uses Google occasionally to find answer. :)
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    @MrConnn Yep, tons and tons of Java books, as well as online tutorials, etc. You should check out the Bukkit Wiki and/or the JavaDocs (that's the Spigot-Bukkit link) if you want to learn things about Bukkit.

    @SyTeck I learned a lot about Bukkit, and got my most practice in Java by doing Bukkit plugins. And yes, I believe there are indeed many people who use Google for coding help. :p
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    Get a physical book. It's much better than an eBook in my opinion. Just be careful about the version (same goes with eBooks). I somehow still have Java books for Java 1.5 (nearly worthless to me now). Make sure to get a book for 1.6 or 1.7 (I'd go with 1.7).

    Also I have this, which I just can not recommend enough. I have my students take some of the lessons from it (actually I'm forced to...) and surprisingly enough they do well :p
    You can buy a copy here, and even though it is on the more expensive side it is well worth it.
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