Bukkit is not dead.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by pookeythekid, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. xTrollxDudex DrPyroCupcake Sponge is getting a lot of attention because they have known developers. In the end who will people with no coding knowledge use? Spigot is out faster and works very well, Sponge is still being made...
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  3. Jaaakee224 And? Yes Trident was going well but Spigot has won. As for rainbow it is not like Bukkit and Spigot, it is not as good for developers and server owners.
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    I never said anything about which of them is better, I was just referring other alternatives then the ones talked about.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I find it interesting that the staff are declaring winners before all the other projects they mention have even put out a completed product. Your comments on the quality of these projects are divisive and insulting to the developers who have put in hundreds of hours on various projects meant to improve Minecraft modding for the community.

    Note how I wrote 'the community' not 'their communities'. We are all part of a larger Minecraft modding ecosystem. Bukkit (and derivatives), Sponge, Forge, Trident, Rainbow, etc. Everybody is working to put out a neat project that makes things easier for other developers to modify the game, so that players can enjoy new and innovative experiences only possible by modification. Your comments encourage fighting between projects which is extremely detrimental to the community's success.

    Now, I'll let you in on a little secret: Spigot, the way your posts describe it, cannot 'win'. The Bukkit API (which is the majority of Spigot's API) is doomed in its current form. Mojang has made some substantial changes to how the server operates and has several additional changes planned. Many of these changes (will) break or otherwise make worthless most of the Bukkit API. You want compatibility with old plugins and familiarity? Have fun using an API with extremely limited flexibility going forward. You want the new changes? Then there's no reason to be loyal to a fork of Bukkit, because its API needs to change and you have no idea what the quality of that new API will be.

    Bukkit as we knew and loved is dead. The sooner we accept this, the more effort we can put into up-and-coming projects to continue making neat experiences to share with the community. :)
  6. mbaxter I did not mean to insult any developers what so ever, if I did then sorry. Yes people are trying to make the Minecraft community great with these server api's but I only mean that Spigot/Bukkit have been the big ones and with the 1.8 update at Spigot I don't think the others will succeed as well as they thought they would, they had a nice idea for sure but I just think to many people know and like Spigot to go on to another rather than continue using it.

    Spigot has got there 1.8 almost done, yes plugins may not work and will need to be ported. I am sure md5 or someone else will soon make a tool to port these plugins to the new platform. I will also never admit Bukkit is dead, especially the community. The community is still alive and going well, there are less members but it is still a nice forum which I am proud to Moderate.
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    What the?... Who dug up this thread from two months ago?

    At the time I made the first post, I pretty much knew nothing. I just didn't think (Craft)Bukkit had reason to go away. I actually have gained little more information about it, since nearly all posts regarding the life of the project or the DMCA have been so debated that it's pretty hard to find where the good information lies. But I have been reading enough to know that CraftBukkit isn't coming back anytime soon, I've seen enough activity on these forums to know that the community is still mostly alive, and that I should go look for the most promising alternative if I ever plan on starting my server back up again.

    I'm actually going to go make an edit to the main post with this in it...
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    How will anybody be able to download Spigot 1.8 whilst the DMCA is active?
  9. Ask their lawyers :). There are rumors that they recoded large amounts of code. The changes with 1.8 are already massive, so there probably is even less work for recoding than some might think, don't ask me if they reengineered the API or the code by Wolvereness, though.

    Concerning the above discussion, i don't think it's necessary to name a winner - to me canary mod would be the winner, because the have been existing for the longest time in one piece :p (don't correct me if i am wrong, please). Sponge has a lot of momentum and i think it will be an interesting platform, Rainbow seems more like a fast-forward mod-implementation providing the absolutely necessary bits to control stuff at first, forming some/the API on the fly, changing more often but probably stabilizing with time. In my opinion the "most named" mods all have their own way and potential niche/field/continent.

    Specifically Sponge does seem to have a bunch of ex-Bukkit-staff on board, while trying to improve on aspects other mods lacked on, they might not really need competition (community + services + code), unless they want to rule them all :). Concerning the Bukkit API, i am not so pessimistic. You can keep most things compatible for a while, while at the same time reforming parts. If it is long-term-dead, will mostly depend on what you can do with it and what you can not do with it, compared to the others. Of course there are more factors than "perfect concepts" (canary mod survived some of those) or "most crowded place" (see everywhere).
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    asofold Canary? Never heard of it. What's the site?
  11. pookeythekid Did you even try searching for "canary mod"? ;)
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    AdamQpzm *facepalm* No, I did not...
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    Well maybe you should! :D
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    The DMCA was against the distribution of craftbukkit.jar because it bundled both Bukkit and NMS together, which is theoretically not allowed. Spigot isn't distributing pre-built jar files with those two bundled together anymore. You have to download them separately and build/bundle them together yourself. Therefore, the supposed GPL violation no longer exists.

    What you're not allowed to do as a server owner is to re-distribute the jar file that you create. That's where the supposed GPL violation would happen.
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    Spigot released a 1.8 version of Bukkit, Craftbukkit, and Spigot. They are not the jars but they made a program that some how I am assuming is compiling code as well as changes in some of the code. They released this not to long ago. I am suprised bukkit has not announced this as it would save them a lot of time. Most plugins work with the new update. Any that don't you can ask one of there developers to update it for you. Well According to spigots post. Also they updated World Edit, Essentials, PermissionsEX, Worldguard and a few other plugins for there 1.8 server!
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    agentsix1 Spigot Bukkit != Bukkit Bukkit. It's not the same. Bukkit is still dead. Just because they didn't rename it doesn't mean the original project is suddenly alive again.
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    Bukkit is a community project, am I not wrong? And all of the original devs resigned, or close to it. Why does it matter if it's someone else who updated it? I fail to see how it is not still Bukkit.
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    The Bukkit Project is dead, but I think Spigot just took over Bukkit. This website is now an embarrassing plugin forum. :(
    I think we should move on to Spigot.

    Why won't Bukkit ban Wolverness cuz hes the one who shut down bukkit.
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    Because there's gonna be bugs, and people will come running here because it's called Bukkit. People on these forums didn't even make it, even though these are the bukkit forums.

    IronGolem001 Banning because you're mad he took legal action against Mojang? Yeah, sounds totally fair.
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    He shutdown Bukkit. Thats what I know. I don't know why he did it.
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    Hm. You have a point there. Interesting situation...
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    Have you read the DMCA notice? It explains it pretty well :)
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    I love it when Java suddenly becomes a part of English.
    Come to think of it, that's exactly what it is now: nothing but plugins and DMCA discussion and whatnot. Fortunately few threads are still about everyday Bukkit server activity and stuff. But I agree with you, it's about time we start moving to Spigot. Hah, although I believe that, I still haven't made an account on Spigot... *goes to make an account*
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    Lolmewn i did more research about it and I understand it well :)

    pookeythekid I think Bukkit and Spigot shold teamed up, and Bukkit can manage the plugins for the spigot servers, and people can review them and report bugs etc.

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  26. IronGolem001 Yeah! The Bukkit and Spigot forums should merge to form a new forum, called the Spigot forums.
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    Aust1n46 No checking system? What, does that mean they're far worse than some claim the Curse staff to be, and let all plugins be released regardless of how malicious they are? If not, what do they have? It's not that I'm against Spigot; it's that I'm still for Bukkit, even though I am convinced that it's headed to the ground any day now.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Aust1n46 Your post is removed, if you like spigot that much then why attack bukkit for being different?
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    My intentions are to point out the flaws with Bukkit dev and how it's not even Bukkit anymore really, all the staff and developers quit, you weren't staff before the take down. People get so indoctrinated by Bukkit that they fail to realize that Spigot is so much better and more dedicated.

    Copied and pasted.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Aust1n46 Everything has flaws, there is no way around that. And you are giving your opinion there, not a fact.
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