Bukkit is not dead.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by pookeythekid, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Long delayed edit:

    At the time I made this post, I pretty much knew nothing. I just didn't think (Craft)Bukkit had reason to go away. I actually have gained little more information about it, since nearly all posts regarding the life of the project or the DMCA have been so debated that it's pretty hard to find where the good information lies. But I have been reading enough to know that CraftBukkit isn't coming back anytime soon, I've seen enough activity on these forums to know that the community is still mostly alive, and that I should go look for the most promising alternative if I ever plan on starting my server back up again.


    To introduce the elephant in the room, Bukkit is falling apart. Countless staff and developers are resigning, and, correct me if I'm wrong, the DMCA is forcing Bukkit to rip out a lot of third-party code. With a chunk of CraftBukkit's code missing, it's probably obvious that it's not a very functional program, and without a functional program, servers can't run.

    However, I personally don't believe this is the end of Bukkit. While other people are going off and creating their own offsprings of Bukkit, which is great, don't get me wrong, Bukkit is not entirely dead yet. We still have this entire community, thousands of plugin developers, even more server owners. From the start, Bukkit has been all about community ownership. Just because Mojang purchased Bukkit, and now Microsoft purchased Mojang, that does not mean a thing toward the fact that we as the community are still in control of what happens.

    Sure, Microsoft may for some terrible reason officially discontinue Bukkit, since they technically own it after purchasing Mojang and their property, but I highly doubt they will. If they do shut it down entirely, then yeah, we're screwed. However, if Minecraft is to continue surviving, so must Minecraft servers. Modded multiplayer servers are the heart and soul of Minecraft--at least in my opinion--and Bukkit is the most popular of those server mods (as far as I know of). No Bukkit, no Minecraft.

    But back to the point. Microsoft/Mojang is probably not going to put a full stop on Bukkit. So, while Bukkit is not entirely officially shut down, it's just sitting dead in the water, waiting for some developers to come back and save it, update it, give it a future. Meanwhile, as Bukkit does not move forward, we all have the chance to keep it from completely falling down. How do we do this? By being the great Bukkit community we always have been. Continue developing plugins, continue to grow your servers. Being a 1.7.10 server isn't the end of the world! The least your players can do is downgrade their Minecraft clients before they join your server.

    Bottom line, Bukkit is not dead. It's just sleeping. It will move forward eventually, but we must keep patience until that time.

    Stay strong, Bukkitiers.
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    Lets just hope that Microsoft knows that moddable servers is what keeps Minecraft alive. If they discontinue and ban mods and servers, Minecraft is going to die and it will be a waste of 2.5 billion dollars.

    I hope hey do what they did with Flight Simulator X, they lets the community do it's thing and run servers and make mods, while they just release small patches and updates here and there.

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    Yes, that would be such a massive waste of two and a half BILLION dollars. If anything, I think Microsoft will actually make Bukkit blossom. If they can take the reins of the project, they can code the HECK out of it. They're a multi-billion dollar company, they have plenty of time and resources to manage something as huge as Bukkit. It'd certainly be more reliable than a group of very dedicated volunteers--not that there's anything wrong with volunteers, I highly respect them for how much sacrifice they've given for their love of helping Bukkit grow.
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    Mojang is not forced to agree with the DMCA and tear out the net.minecraft.server code. Mojang owns that code. If it chose to file a counter-notice, the matter would either be decided in court (if Wolvereness sued) or the files would be restored (if he didn't).

    Wolvereness made 63 commits to net.minecraft.server code while he was contributing to Bukkit. He now claims that the net.minecraft.server code is an infringement -- even though he is one of the main developers who worked on that code for 30 months.
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    Oh my god... I have Flight Sim X... I hate it tho xD
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    rcade Oh, okay. Well, what about the others of the hundreds of contributors? Don't they have the right to have their code revoked?
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    All 138 contributors to CraftBukkit made their commits to the code freely, knowing it would be shared with others under an open source license. The only thing that gave them the right to make their changes to CraftBukkit was that license.

    I think it's fair to say that everyone who contributed code knew that net.minecraft.server code was in the project. So if they chose to contribute, why should any of them get to come back later and claim what they did was an infringement, taking the code offline for everyone?
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    rcade Lol, good point... Well then, all the more reason that Bukkit isn't really dying. Excuse my ignorance, but legal junk confuses me. Is there a simple answer to this question: Does Wolvereness have the legal right to have his code removed from Bukkit?
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    Nothing is ever simple where the law is concerned, but in my opinion he does not.
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    rcade Haha, you got that right. Well anyway, thanks for the input. Now I know.
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    This will answer everyone's question on Microsoft and MC's community:
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    Gamecube762 Thanks for the info video, but that only restates what is no longer a rumor: Microsoft is buying Mojang, and they're taking full control of Minecraft. This thread is much more about Bukkit's survival than whether or not Microsoft bought Mojang. But if you mean to say that Bukkit is probably going to survive because, as in the video, Microsoft is going to help Minecraft thrive, then I think you're exactly right.
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    Hot damn, when did that happen? lel you mixed up the words a bit there
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    And that for only $2.500.000.000!
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    Bukkit is dead. Minecraft is dead. Player servers are dead.

    Everyone is making all of this server software for Minecraft, they clearly don't realize that Microsoft is a place where games go to die. Microsoft is a cash cow expecting a return on their investment, they are going to shut down player run servers and try to make a residual (reoccuring) income from Minecraft meaning basic sales of the game will not due.

    That being said, you can expect server software to be shut down and realms to take it's place. You'll end up paying a monthly fee for a realms server and that will be your ONLY option.

    Everyone has already paid for Minecraft, it's their only way to make any money from the game at this point.

    Face it. All of this, the Bukkit DCMA, Wolfe, Microsoft buyout, Mojang, Curse, are all in bed in a big fat orgy and this has been planned for a long long time. Atleast since before the release of realms.
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    InsomniaCraft Whoa, I'm not a fan of the content in that last paragraph. Otherwise, your point is valid. Everyone has good reason to believe Bukkit is dead, and hey, it probably is. But until Mojang and/or Microsoft declare(s) that Bukkit is not going to live on, I will act as though it has a future. As I said in the main post, Bukkit is just waiting for a rescuer, if not several of them. Maybe it will eventually completely run to the ground, but if that day comes, I'll applaud it for not going down without a fight.
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    The issue with waiting for a rescuer is the corruption that is now present would have to allow it. Bukkit was hosted by Curse, Mojang showed Curse that they had bought Bukkit 2 years ago and curse handed the site over to them. Meaning Curse owns the site, Mojang owns the content, Wolfe is claiming he owns the content and Microsoft owns Mojang.

    "Bukkit" is dead because Curse isn't going to fix it, they are just hosting the site, all of the developers left to work on sponge and anyone else that was or would be willing to help probably did too. If that's not enough, how exactly does one start contributing or rescuing Bukkit? People can't just pick up where it left off because all of these people want a slice of a pie that they have no or too many rights too. I could sit here and make remake Bukkit just like anyone else but copyright issues will still exist.

    Mojang is saying it's theirs, Wolfe is saying it's his, Microsoft could say they own it but probably has no idea it exists, each contributors technically owns a piece of it. By the time this is all said and done, it will be too late. Even if and when Bukkit or a replacement API is developed, Microsoft will be done gutting Minecraft to prevent private servers to make money with Realms.

    At least this is my opinion and theories. I was wrong about Microsoft buying Mojang, I didn't think Mojang was a sell out and I didn't think Microsoft would waste an investment on a game that has reached peak sales, so perhaps I'm wrong about this too but the fact that I was wrong before only strengthens my argument.
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    yea... we don't want to wait, OR rely on other people... Here at http://www.spongepowered.org/ we are moving forward as a community and with power to be self sustained.

    Join us.
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    You're missing the point. It isn't even about Bukkit being dead anymore. It's about Microsoft keeping third party servers down to make room for realms. Sponge will be obsolete when Microsoft is done taking a blow torch to Minecraft and Realms.
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    InsomniaCraft You do have a really good point. Come to think of it, yeah, Bukkit may be pretty much gone. But I think servers will live on for at least a little while longer.

    If Microsoft removes all normal servers, it would cause amazing outrages. Servers like Hypixel, Shotbow, The Hive, you name it, those thousands-of-dollars servers would just be flat out gone. Not only would most of Minecraft's playerbase be outraged, but that's totally robbing that money from the servers. Microsoft would do nothing but destroy what they thought they had a future in.

    Aside from Microsoft's business, old versions of Minecraft and CraftBukkit builds still exist, and things like SpongePowered seem to be off to a good start. The least people could do, again, as I said in the main post, is downgrade their Minecraft clients to play on older servers. I'm quite sure that even if Microsoft makes Realms the only form of Minecraft multiplayer, they won't be able to remove people's older Minecraft clients that they already have, and who is Microsoft to go tell every server on the planet that they must simply stop what they're doing?

    Perhaps this may well lead to a bunch of piracy, if Microsoft discontinues all servers. People would want the old versions of Minecraft so that they could play on the old-version servers, which by that time might consist of very few popular ones (Probably Hypixel, they can survive anything. I was sure minigames servers would get hit hardest by the EULA, but no, they managed to adapt and still succeed.), and the only way to get those old versions of Minecraft at that time may be piracy. But then, I'm pretty sure there are tons of games out there that are distributed widely without much consideration of any laws or license junk; Minecraft would then become one of those games, and thus live out its last few stages before it dies the death of any good thing that comes and goes.

    This is also just a theory, and it's no more valid than yours is. It's been a good run with Bukkit--and I've only been here for almost a year now--and it's a shame to see it go. But I'd like to see what can happen before the official time for that comes.
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    Even with old client and server software, the clients communicate with the Mojang servers unless you're in offline mode, in which case you would need a login plugin from Bukkit, which could and will be shut down as soon as Microsoft (if they don't already) finds out about it.

    I'm one of those assholes that will refuse to use a product from a company that I dislike. Microsoft is one of them. I won't buy windows phones, I run on Ubunutu, and now I won't play Minecraft. I even got my family to stop playing, my old players from my server and all of my friends. I simply setup a server for a different game and introduced it to them. I hope it spreads like wildfire.
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    InsomniaCraft I did not know that. Well, if Microsoft does do everything in their power to make Realms the only form of Minecraft multiplayer... I'll say "Screw Microsoft." and get on with life. Yes, there are indeed other games out there, and--although I've practically done nothing but Bukkit plugins with my Java skills, which is 50% of all I do on my computer--there are other things than Bukkit plugins for me to work on.

    No matter what happens, the run's been fun. I look forward to my next opportunity to have something like it.

    That was how long ago? And it just took me till now to get what you meant... xD I just edited the post. Lol, "Mojang bought Microsoft"....

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    It's dead. Fact of the matter is, it is dead unless Mojang releases NMS. Period.

    Edit: grammar
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    Well that's disappointing. Bye, Bukkit.
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    Minecraft is not a Company (Yes it is but im making a point) and is all digital law isent digital Minecraft is going down hill without Bukkit and Bukkit is controled by the public so shouldent the members of Minecraft decide the future of Minecraft and Bukkit ? Minecraft is just a game plugin make it fun, where are we without plugins ?
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    ... My brain has a very difficult time computing this lack of grammar. A little bit more English please?
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    hopefully something like it will be made and all servers can stay so no money is wasted, but i wouldnt hold my breath(for too long)
  29. Bukkit is not dead, Bukkit is a community and it ia obviously not dead. As for all the hate on Microsoft, do you really think Mojang would let themselves be sold out? They don't need 2.5billion Notch even stated if they never sold a copy again they can run Minecraft for 10 years!

    As for Bukkit/Spigot the community is alive and md5 is updating as it has been stated many times. Sponge and Trident and all of them will not make it, they had a good go but in the end md5 has won.
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    Sponge definitely is getting a load of attention

    Cliffordlittle Everything dies, so will Sponge. I would rather use Spigot instead of Sponge anyways.

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