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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by Kaelten, Dec 11, 2014.

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    Effective today official Bukkit IRC channels will be managed by our moderation team as extensions of the site communities.

    The rules for the IRC channels will soon be unified with the forum rules. Any IRC specific things will be worked into the forum rules page. This is being done to further simplify the rules and prevent unneeded duplication.

    I know we've previously announced that we were not moderating the IRC channels. That was due to lack of permissions to do so. That situation has changed.

    Enjoy chatting! :)
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    Sweet! Thanks. :)
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    For people who are unaware:

  5. @jthort Yeah, these rules aren't the ones Curse set down. They might be changing soon.
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    With few exceptions we've actually been trying to maintain the spirit of the rules. We have been trying to clean them up a little. We discuss any rule changes as a group before hand, including involving the mods.
  7. What will the unofficial build policy be in the irc channels?
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    @AdamQpzm You're probably not going to be able to discuss it since you still are not allowed to have unofficial builds in Bukkit Help. Just my guess though.
  9. @DrPyroCupcake That's what I'd think, however what with the recent addition of the "bukkit alternatives" section, these forums have a place dedicated to non-bukkit support. Given that you can't do that in IRC, I'm not sure whether they'd go with full our support when on IRC, or whether they'd simply point towards other sources... and people didn't believe when I said that the change in the unofficial builds policy, among other things, causes needless confusion amongst users.
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    This is something we will have to discuss as a group before we move on it. While I do agree it does cause some confusion on the forums we usually can catch it and move the post before its an issue. I understand why the old rule was in place, however we found that people wanted to help other users using alternatives. If such a large and great community wants to help, why not let it? We chose to go with the dedicated forums approach because we knew that not everyone wanted to (or was familiar enough with alternatives) to help and it allows them to ignore that subforum in whole without worrying that they are missing something.
  11. One of the main issues with bending such things is that it kind of mutates the scope of the website. A phrase I've been using often recently is "demand does not necessitate supply", and it's something I genuinely believe in this case. Just because there's a demand for it doesn't mean we should supply it. :(
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    I'm curious - do Mojang constitute a part of your moderation team?
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    They're both still admins on the forums here too. :)
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