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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by joshcvb, Dec 23, 2011.

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    As a plugin developer for Bukkit, I have noticed Bukkit has plateaued and hit a limitation wall. Most plugins are rehashed or multiple slightly different versions of the same plugin are available on Bukkit. If you have not heard by now, Spout has broken off to form their own server mod. Spout will have a plugin to make Bukkit plugins compatible with the Spout server. As a server owner as well, I have installed the Spout Server and have had it up and running. Multi-threaded core support, and among other things have made me switch my focus from Bukkit to Spout. There will be no limitations with Spout since it was written from the ground up as an entire server and launcher mod. I hope to see many other plugin devs over there and wish the best for Bukkit. I have talked with many other Single Player Mod developers and many have already begun to support Spout so they will no longer have to deal with Modlauncher. So I bid my farewells to Bukkit, Spout will soon be the future of Multiplayer Minecraft.

    To read on up what Spout is capable of and to download their server.jar to run a Spout server check out the link below.

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    Afforess is a very nice guy, I have a very good feeling about him, his team, and that new server project.

    Good luck Spout team.
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    I am indeed looking forward to this. Bukkit doesnt feel like what it used to. Half the time people have no idea whats even going on. Im looking forward to seeing the end product of how it will run without notch's coding
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    Correction, full custom server, not a mod like CraftBukkit is. ;)
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    I'd only switch if it 100% supported Bukkit plugins. Like, I can develop a plugin for Bukkit and it'd run seamlessly on Spout/Glowstone.
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    It will. But you won't want to develop Bukkit plugins when you see the new API.
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    I foresee the next couple of months being rough for servers and plugin developers.
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    Jup me too ..

    Wrong post, tiredness ..

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    edit: Was a bit too early. Should have waited until the uninformed rage actually started :)
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    That post was entirely unnecessary. I hope you consider editing it out.

    Personally, I'm looking forward to a client side API from Spout. The server is a nice thing too, I suppose, but it's the client-side API that I'm really interested in seeing.

    I'd also contest that Bukkit isn't doing much anything, but that's because I can see some things you can't and I can fully understand why you think that. We've got some nice things coming in from bleeding, for example. Only time will tell for both Bukkit and Spout, however.
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    Sorry about that.
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    I don't think that Bukkit has hit a wall. Sure, the API is a bit limited, but by adding CraftBukkit as a dependency to your project, you can do a ton. It's a fun challenge to try to make the most intricate modification possible, without modifying core classes. Since there's also ModLoaderMP for Bukkit, that lets you do even more.
    I like Spout's work, but I like Bukkit better (none of my users want to use a different client). Also, the Bukkit team are awesome people :).
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    Abej: AFAIK you won't need to use Spoutcraft to join a Spout powered server.
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    To a certain extend.
    However if a server is using significant modifications it's pretty much impossible to play properly without Spoutcraft.
    This is pretty much why Bukkit doesn't do many things Spout does intend to do.
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    This sounds good, except half my players (9-12 year olds) wouldn't have a clue how to download Spoutcraft. Even if I threw a huge CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!! button in their face.

    I'm still looking forward to see how this turns out. :D
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    Well, this is the same as the whole hMod -> Bukkit move about a year ago. I'll stick with Bukkit for now, but it'll be interesting to see what happens with Spout— if Sk89q and a few other devs move over, I'll move my server to them because those devs maintain some of the best plugins and Spout/Glowstone may well be to Bukkit what Bukkit was to hMod. And there's no question that I'll move if Glowstone increases performance or adds multithreading.
  18. Lemme put this out there:
    Spout is forked from Glowstone. There is no more Glowstone. It is now Spout.
    (Just saw alot of "Glowstone this, Glowstone that" in this thread :p)
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    A little confusing :p
  20. Just know Glowstone = Spout
    The old Spout = SpoutPlugin
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I thought the spout team had just forked glowstone, not taken over and renamed it.
  22. They did fork it, but they ended up taking it over, (At least, that's what I heard)
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    Well well, I guess going with spout was the right idea, Bukkit is pretty much dead now (walking zombie) till 1.2 and any plugins written for bukkit will probably have to be written from scratch to support the new mojang api which prolly won't include any of the features that spout is doing.
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    That's one huge assumption going on. As far as I know, you'll see a compatibility layer for plugins until they can adopt the new API.

    Also, necro post locked.
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