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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by l5p4ngl312, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Will Bukkit have a nice user friendly GUI when it is done? Or will it just be the console window? It would be cool if instead of messing with config files and everything you could edit settings in a window (with different tabs for groups, banned players, etc.) and then just click an update button. Also the window could have a fill-the-bukkit tab which opened up fill-the-bukkit in a browser within the tab. The website would be set to download to your server folder (the first time you use it) and then you could manage and update plugins from a GUI tab. Also, give plugins the ability to create new tabs or sections or whatever on the GUI. So by the use of plugins maybe you would have a "warps" tab and a "towns" tab. For a plugin that does not require a ton of tweaking, just make a "settings" button next to the plugin in the plugins tab which opens a settings window for the plugin. Maybe the user could decide whether they wanted a whole tab for it or just a settings window. This is probably a stupid post but I just wasn't sure about the GUI. Currently, updating the mod/plugins is more difficult than on hMod but I know it is in early development and I am not whining.
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    I... Love... Your idea! This would make managing my server so much easier, and if it was built into craftbukkit, it wouldn't have the limitations of a wrapper, and tabs for plugins, that would be awsome! I hope this is the state of bukkit once the releases are stable and there's only like 1 per minecraft update
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    TnT Retired Staff

    There are quite a few of them already. Crafty looks promising as a simple GUI. There are other web based admin tools as well.
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    I wrote my own, if you have time, then take a look and respond to me if you like it or not :)

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    Don'tforget that craftbukkit isn't officially released yet. So my guess is that once it is out fully, it will have a GUI
  6. There's also MCGui. Tis very good.
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