Bukkit for MC 1.0.0? Release date

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TehChikenHater, Nov 19, 2011.

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    According to leaked information from the bukkit team, 1.0.0 update should come out today, or tomorrow. They also are changing the modding system, so...modder's get ready to learn.
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    I doubt it, but it would be really nice :p
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    PLZZ! BE TRUE! :D if it isnt: me = [creeper]
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    I really hope it's true too!
    I had to convert to vanilla (eew) meanwhile, and it seems that we can't turn off the [creeper] & [pig]!
    Bukkit All the Way! Vanilla= [fire]
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    Well, we should be seeing a new release for Bukkit anytime soon, best to be patient for the time being though.

    And by the way, where did you get this information?
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    What they probably mean by "change in the modding system" is a change on how plugins are submitted to bukkit. I doubt that they will overnight change the complete structure of bukkit to the point of learning the whole language over again. But if that's the case then alright. In my own opinion bukkit's branch of the Java language is probably the easiest and most flexible.
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    People on my server are whining so hard that im keeping it in 1.8.1 till bukkit updates...
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    What are you trying to say here? Bukkit devs should hurry up because your users are impatient?
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    Stabibility, speed and security should always come first when working on newer versions.
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    tbh id settle for a ( have this untill we finish it version lol)
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    From internal sources I can tell you that bukkit will be updated on December 43rd 2011
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  12. This is probably not true.​
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    I heard that they would also implement server and client side Lua scripting! Hooray! Something I can actuelly do without learning a new language >_>
    Bukkit will be updated on the next leap year that ends with 0 :D
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    Look we all want to get the update but we just have to face facts and wait till the devs let it out i have to use a vanilla one
    and the errors all come up with invalid server key and bukkit is having to recode the game again cos it has changed so much
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    Would there be any benefit in having that kind of version though?
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    probably not no, but the thought is nice >.<
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    i want bukkit soooo much!! im tired of having to do

    /give sniddunc <item> <ammount>
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    tell me about it, i dont even know most of the standard commands :S
  19. ahah i'm guessing you"re not alone pal ... give me back my /i :D
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    Did anyone have a link to a Dev-Build ?
    On ci.bukkit is nothing to find.
    Want to check out the new stuff on my local pc.
    Bugreporting and something like that.
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    Wow, you all need to learn to be patient.

    Bukkit takes a long time to update because when Mojang updates Minecraft, they break about 95% of Bukkit and CraftBukkit code. We then have to re-write this to work with the new update. Then there's added features to add to the API (like new spawn events, hunger events etc.)

    If you're really that desperate, and think it's that easy, feel free to fork and update yourself. ;)
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    Just lock the thread.
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    I need a bukkit build this second, right now.Hey guys, Let's play "the patience game".
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    Talking like an asshat isn't going to make them do it faster.

    People who use "plz" are the worst kind. It shows that you want someone to make an effort for you but you're too lazy to type the 3 extra damn letters to make the full word "please". Now shut up and be patient. You're worse than the 12 year olds on my server.
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    What about the ones that beg you to spawn everything for them?
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    I'll raise you the ones showing up for the first time begging for whitelist + creative mode while 'promising' not to grief.
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    For anyone wanting more info, bookmark the @Craftbukkit Twitter feed and Bukkit News section of the forums and check them from time-to-time; I assure you, you'll be one of the first to know when an update is available. :)

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