Solved Bukkit for 1.7.3?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by russjr08, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Well, I was hoping to setup a nostalgic server for 1.7.3 and I would like to use Bukkit for it. I remember that there was a bukkit release for 1.7.3 and it was build 1000. However, I can no longer find it. We no longer have Access to Jenkins and I don't see it listed on, am I missing a step or is there no way to get it?
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    You could probably get it from somewhere else, but if its not on you should go extremely cautiously. Also, there's no guarantee that any plugins will support it.
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    It is on Bukkit Jenkins but somebody disabled reading it ;(
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    Yeah :/
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    You could go lurking on Google and stuff, but as ImminentFate said, be extremely careful! Viruses lurk between the layers of evil.
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    I spend few hours on it and Google have some server-packs (with plugins, &c.), but I have no chance to check if they are the last (and most perfect) 1.7.3 CraftBukkit build :( I guess, I should write to CraftBukkit team and ask them if they can grant me access to legacy builds. I really want to make 1.7.3 server :(
    Btw. does anybody know if there is 1.7.3-times Javadoc or Doxygen CraftBukkit API reference copy avaiable anywhere?
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    Actually I don't think that the Javadocs were around back then. As for the API itself, most people just used the Craftbukkit jar.
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    Oh, anyway, I need lastest CraftBukkit *.jar for 1.7.3 :(
  9. What?
    • The javadocs were around back then (:confused: how long ago do you think we got them)
    • Nobody used CraftBukkit over Bukkit unless they needed features that weren't in Bukkit (like Spout) or wanted NPC's
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    Sorry, I'm actually quite new to Bukkit :p (Since around 1.0). I used to just play on vanilla servers then.
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    I play on CraftBukkit servers since about 1.8 or 1.9PreSomeNumber, have my CraftBukkit server since 1.0 and I'm making plugins from about 1.2. That's why I'm asking about Javadoc, because I want to make legacy 1.7.3 server (I love MC 1.7.3) and I want to make fork of my AreaGuard plugin for older event handling way (to make it work in MC 1.7.3 CraftBukkit), so I need it a bit to check what should I change.
    And of course, I need CraftBukkit (or Bukkit, I thought that CraftBukkit is the proper server name) for 1.7.3 minecraft to make this server :(
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    Yeah, I loved 1.7.3 too :( I actually wanted to run a legacy server, and I know that the event system changed at like 1.1, maybe if you looked at 1.0 it might be the same (Like I said, wasn't around past like 1.0, well I did, but those servers required forum registration so I thought that all servers running Bukkit would be like that... bad assumption on my end.).

    Off topic but your plugin looks awesome :D
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    I also want to run a legacy server but I can't find it :( I found Bukkit for 1.7.3 only in some sort of server pack (with plugins (half of them completely senseless)), but I can't check if it's the lastest avaiable 1.7.3 build (so I can't be sure if there is no major bugs). That's why I'm trying to find access to information about 1.7.3 builds and lastest avaiable one.

    Event system changed probably about Minecraft 1.2 version, I guess, cause at this moment most of plugins became broken.
    I remember it, cause I was refreshing my server with new jungle biome at this time and I have to write my own ColouredSigns for this purpose - but I'm not regreting it, I integrated it with my own chat plugin and I'm still using it, especially because it allows also magic text (that "blinking" letters with "&k").
    Btw. In my country (Poland) most servers requied application form in times of 1.0, that's why I was playing only on a few largest at the begining (to avoid server disappearing without giving me a save of my buildings) :)
    Thank you :oops: :rolleyes: I will probably made a special legacy fork for 1.7.3 if I'll find out how :)
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    I still have a copy of the last build for 1.7.3.

    TnT is it ok if I upload it it to dropbox and post a link?
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    Just PM it to him.
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    Will you PM it to me too? Thank you :D
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    Thank you very much :)
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    Will you PM it to me, too. I need it! Thanks! :D
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    Is there anyway I can still find a link?
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    Can you PLEASE pm it to me as well. The human mind cannot comprehend how long I have been looking for it. If you reply thank you so much.
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    It's in the bowels of my HDD, I'll look for it tomorrow ;)
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