Bukkit Error with MultiCraft Panel

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by elitecraft, Feb 11, 2012.

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    Hi guys.
    Lately i have had errors with my bukkit R3, and the multicraft control panel.
    Only screen shots can describe.
    Thats what i see.
    So to confirm:
    The logging is stuffed.
    The control panel doesnt reconise the server is started and it looks fucked.
    The players box is broken.
    Bukkit seems okay.
    Spoken to My host and they say its for me to sort with bukkit....


    it also doesnt remove people when they log out >.>

    Help Please. Its kinda urgent.

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    A screenshot doesn't tell us much, how about explaining what we are looking at?
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    Okay Ill number the pic 1-3
    So on picture 1:
    Thats the player list of who is online.
    Problem with it: When someone logs out they stey there, If they log in it adds another.
    It only shows their name (usally)

    picture 2:
    Thats the console/log.
    It is formatted very badly....
    And it doesnt pickup when i type in there.

    Picture 3:
    The server is 100% on and running but it still registers as it is starting up/shutting down.
    Status still is offline.

    Now note this.
    The server runs 100% on 1.1R1 but not on R2,R3,R4
    Is it multicraft or the host or a plugin????/
    i also built this setup last night on my test server and it worked 100% narrowing it down to the panel or the host.
  4. Happened to me too, along with not showing the ram or cpu usage bars anymore.
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    I dunno what to do????
    Watch this thread man i might have the sullution soon!
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