Bukkit Creates HORRENDOUS Lag Issues

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by M3t, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Read the title. What's with that?
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    You know, my computer wont work. Can you fix it?
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    ID ten error?
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    I mean, is the bukkit team aware of this, are they working to fix it?
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    OK, everyone's kinda tongue in cheek blowing you off, and you don't seem to get it. So here's the scoop, pal:
    No it doesn't. So they're not working to fix it, because it doesn't have the problem you say it has.

    If your install has a specific issue, that's a different situation.
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    What install? the JAR file ? Yeah, it has a problem.

    version 48 lags like a bitch
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    and im not your pal
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    Let me give you a hint... it's in development. Which means you will come across a build that has problems. When an actual release comes out you should see a more polished product.
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    Alright, I get that, that's why I'm reporting experiencing horrendous lag issues.

    These forum nerds really need to get some social skills. I used to be a programmer too, doesn't mean you need to "my computer has a problem, can you fix it" me, jerk-off.
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    Well, to be fair, you haven't really given people much to work with. You haven't told us what your setup is, if you're using any other mods, your OS, your hardware, which plugins you have active... anything, really.

    We have this same issue on our server, even when running nothing more than the plugin that lets people do /home and such, however, so it's definitely not just your problem.
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    I think he is having the "T" variation of that error (the ID ten T error, sometimes written as ID 10 T)
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    Ah yes. I see you are familiar with that variation. All too common.
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    cackle cackle what a funny joke. you're all idiots based on your replies, you can bet on that.

    im running 2x dual core nethelem processors 3.07, 8 GB ddr3, windows 2008 r2 64bit server, whitelist mod by Silence: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/whitelist.587/

    but i doubt it's the whitelist that's at fault. that only runs when someone joins the server.
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    I installed build 50, it's running a lot smoother than 48, so try that?
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    Were you having the same issues with 20+ ppl in the server?
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Try build 66, the latest version.
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    I'm running an 8-man server on a much worse laptop than you, without any lag at all. It's your setup. Take it slow, simple. Use vanilla bukket, no plugins. Add each plugin back, one by one. Either the problem will be gone, or you will find the bad plugin.
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    Afforess, I run a 100+ player (20-25 people on at the same time) server [ www.atlantaminecraft.com ] on a dedicated VPS colocated in the same facility (INTERNAP) as Blizzard (World of Warcraft) and Sony (PS3 network), and I hadn't experienced any lag with hMod. I disabled whitelist on bukkit (vanilla install) and still lag.
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    Fukkit bukkit, I give up. I'll try again when the official product is out.
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    lol i've really been hoping for the opportunity to say "Fukkit" to arrive. So far it hasn't. If it did it would be kind of a bittersweet victory because it would mean Bukkit was getting on my nerves.
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    Hey, guy, don't blame it on his "setup." Our server handled 20+ people with ZERO LAG on hMod and a hell of a lot of modifications. Now with Bukkit it lags itself into an early grave even if there are just two people cutting down trees. Turn off Bukkit, BEAUTIFUL. Turn on Bukkit, smoke emanates from server, the creaking of gears is audible.

    Bukkit just seriously needs some work on this issue.

    And as said, this happens even with just the plugin active that lets "/home" work.
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    Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal.
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    Precisely. My anecdotal evidence suggests that CraftBukkit runs faster than hMod ever did for me, although to be fair it only currently has maybe six plugins worth using, and I only use two. I do not run CraftBukkit on a particularly amazing server, either.

    And, m3t, I am your pal. You just don't know it yet.

    If you drop craftbukkit-snapshot-blahblah.jar into the exact place you are running an hMod setup, and run it with the same command line arguments (including those garbage collection and -server ones and so on) - hMod runs well and Bukkit does not? Really? I say it again (but more politely): There's something unusual and specific about your server. There is something about your setup that is interacting with Bukkit poorly. What is it? Can the Bukkit devs fix it? Maybe you can help them.

    Thread title: "BUKKIT SUCKS!" OP text: "read the title, IT SUCKS, fix it"
    ... Are you really surprised you're being accused of ID 10 T errors? :p
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    I think you misinterpreted my point, which was to tell the public I am having severe lag issues, and have anyone else having the same issues chime in so we can lobby the team to get it right. I'm doing the damn community a favor.

    Misinterpreted, I said it had horrendous lag issues. Please note this, devs.
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    Just did a stress test with bukkit/vanilla on a good server and there was really no difference in performance. 30+ people connecting in minutes.
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    Which version
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    This thread is hilarious.

    Personally, on my setup, bukkit seems neck and neck with hmod. I haven't really noticed too much of a difference. Maybe a bit laggier, but in no way would I use to word "horrendous" to describe it.

    Horrendous to me is the vanilla server from mc.net
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    Your vanilla server lags? Lol...
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    Also running a small server (never more than 10 people online, usually about 4 of us) on a dedicated machine. With just me online, vanilla server runs fine, with Bukkit + Minecart Mania Core the server is laggy.

    I will have a go at running the latest bukkit with no plugins next time i'm free and no-one else is online.
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    M3t, while I can understand your frustration with the issue, the way you're going about this is not really very conducive to actually getting the devs to look into whatever is going on. Generally speaking, insulting people you want something from doesn't help you get it, however deserving you may think they are.

    Anyway, if you really do want to get something done about a software problem, especially a performance issue (generally the hardest kind of software problem to identify and often the hardest to rectify), you want to do two things:
    1) Provide as much information as possible, even if you don't think it's hugely relevant. Hardware information, software versions, plugin/module versions, vm or interpreter versions for languages that use them, configuration information on all of the above, etc. For performance issues, any benchmarks you can provide can also be of use.
    Basic idea: The more information the developers have, the better equipped they are to identify and solve the issues.
    2) Be nice, be friendly, be polite. Maybe mention how the problem(s) are inconveniencing you and your community, but don't go overboard.
    Basic idea: The more the developers like you and sympathize with you and yours, the more they're going to feel emotionally motivated to help.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Want an honest answer? Run a newer build. Build 48 is old, and those bugs you are complaining about may have already been fixed in the latest build.

    No one cares if running the latest build breaks your plugins, because the older builds are not supported. You need to worry about plugins compatibility yourself - at least until Bukkit and Fill is released.
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